Train Simulator Reloaded


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thank you for continuing

thank you for continuing this, which I can only now call a "series". I like how you escalated the lack of control the player has over events. the change of function and the new audios are both delightful.

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thank you! yeah i rushed the

thank you! yeah i rushed the the interactive side of it a bit lol. i couldn't wait to get as far away from my computer as possible

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Now I really feel an

Now I really feel an infinite regress coming on! What have I started?! Is Glorious Trainwrecks destined to become a site entirely for train related games?! I like the way the sounds can overlap. And the dog - I love the dog especially how it looks ferocious as it approaches but then becomes good doggy.

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:)))))))) thanks:__)))))) yay

:)))))))) thanks:__)))))) yay

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Now I gotta make one! In relation to the other ones I really like the sense of variety in places that the player can go. I especially love the dog section and the quality of the way it is drawn. I like all of the figure drawing in this too. I felt like I couldn't comment on this game until I played it with sound and it totally changed the way I played this game. Now that I have a PC readily available to play games on, I will re-play some of your things on it!

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thanks for playing! glad you

thanks for playing! glad you like it!