Train Simulator The Movie

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movie of the train games
sorry i was having trouble running jakeclover2432222 train simulator reloaded. game maker doesnt work well in linux

games are

train simulator by fizzhog
train simulator simulator by mno
train simulator reloaded by jakeclover2432222


Made For: 
An event


nice movie! it sounds good

nice movie! it sounds good too

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thank you im glad to

thank you im glad to contribute to the train simulator chain. sorry i couldn't get your audio in... perhaps someone can make a fan edit

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"perhaps one could say that

"perhaps one could say that Train Simulator The Movie is not a better entry in the series than either of the three individual games it collects... on the other hand, one could also say it is better than all three combined! such is the nature of sums." - what I thought of saying when I first saw you post the game, before I actually played it.

now I have "played" (in my Media Player!), I can give it a true appraisal, which is that it is a transcendent performance that does not compete with the existence of our games. instead, it furthers the environmental possibilities they represent, paving ahead in yet another direction.