Tram Simulator Critique Museum

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Tram Simulator Critique Museum


You have entered through a doorway into a museum dedicated to the program Tram Simulator. The purpose of this museum is to collect critiques in relation to it. Welcome, to the Tram Simulator Critique Museum. Here you may, upon your own leisure, listen to recordings of collected critiques. Music is available, as well as refreshments. Enjoy your stay!


Headphones are recommended but not required. Press any key to progress from the "splash screen" when so desired. You can move your character with the arrow keys or WASD. Walk into icons (the CD, Thought buttons, apples, etc) to activate / toggle / eat them. Exit the program by walking back into the door you started near by, or by pressing Escape.

Basic Credits

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, led by Nikki, with contributions from Sphere and Jessie. Based on Tram Simulator by fizzhog:

This is my second spin-off of the mainline Simulator series fizzhog has been making.
You can find my prior entry here:
Please check out the many spin-offs others on GT have been doing!

Detailed credits are available in the download, in the file "readme + credits.txt".

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An event


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I really like this. What

I really like this. What fascinated me most was that with a typically primitive Clickteam game I experienced something that for me felt closer to wandering around an installation in an art gallery than I think I would with a sophisticated VR simulation. I suppose that is why I have never been very interested in cutting edge realistic graphics in games - such an approach does not guarantee verisimilitude, a goal which might be better reached via an appeal to the imagination.

The music and refreshments were much appreciated, a fantastic touch. I liked the buttons to play and pause the comments and for some reason I really loved the fact that they move when you collide with them.

Incidentally, does the idea of using the voice synth relate to the big red button in my original train simulator? I ask because nobody has mentioned it so I didn't know if anyone had actually noticed it. It is actually a complete poem that is playing on a loop and when you press the button the volume comes up for a random amount of time, no more than a couple of seconds.

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Thank you!!

Thank you!!

Perhaps it is the footstep noises, carpet/tile floor, and use of empty that really adds to the art gallery feeling? At least, that is how we see it. I agree completely in how the context of relation matters much more than realism for putting somebody in a space. We are not here to argue with the player that they are in a museum! We want them to draw their own feelings out of what is presented.

I chose the music cause I was listening to it while working on the game haha. I find it works out very well. I'm glad you liked the other interaction details, the bouncing was a sort of necessary trainwreck element to me. The bouncing ball movement is foundational, in my view, to the development of the trainwreck approach. I can't live without it, even if I have to complicate things unnecessarily for it!

The synth voice I chose just because I had used it in particular to represent me speaking in a joke game I did before. It's much easier to use than reading all of the text out myself. I realize I never mentioned the poem button, but I did interact with it a lot. I wasn't sure how it mechanically worked, the explanation here clarifies why it seemed so random! Perhaps I did not mention the poem because my audio processing issues made it hard for me to grasp what it was saying, and it sounded kind of grotesque at points? I'm sure that would be clarified by a textual reading of the poem in full!

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Oh yes I wrote 'art

Oh yes I wrote 'art gallery'. I'm sure I was thinking museum!

Tram on canvas

the music worked well. was fun running around an art gallery crashing into things and eating cherries. nice footstep sound.

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thank you! I was hearing the

thank you! I was hearing the footstep sounds in my head before I picked them out haha. it was very fun to playtest during making it

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An interesting exhibition

I wasn't familiar with the original Tram Simulator before I got to this, but I appreciate that although the critique exposes the entirety of the original I did not feel spoiled of the experience by this. Maybe it was the purely aural method of communication, or the music and the generous amount of food and items to, in addition to the thoughtful critique, gorge oneself upon.

It was a pleasant, but maybe not in a warm, homely sense, thing to play. <3

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thank you so much, we're

thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed it! these are good thoughts