Prinsess of Da Hell

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A text-heavy point & click marathon of pixelated dragons and dogs. I made this earlier this year and put it on Gamejolt. Decided I'd share it on here too.

Make sure to have sound on!

Graphics made in game maker 8 and a text document. (loading image drawn on paper)

Audio made with free online piano,, audacity, mammut.


Made For: 
An event


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Thanks for posting this here

Thanks for posting this here too, it's very cool.

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glad you like it!

glad you like it!

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This game gave me a bit of anxiety! That's good in this case. I like your sorta pixel resolution differentiation being applied in this two tone format here. It makes the text really jarring when it has all the little color artifacting. I was not able to find an end, I got stuck in this rotation near the characters sitting around each other. I liked that part where I got trapped in their conversation and wasn't able to leave, that was the scariest part. I like this really directionless exploration, great music, makes me want to try online piano.

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Thanks you! Sorry the game

Thanks you! Sorry the game didn't work! I think the game is better in the second half of the game, because i now notice that the text begins to make more sense later on