Ruff & Ravi Defeat the Plutonian Vampires (for Mariken)

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Thanks for supporting me for 8+ years Glorious Trainwrecks!!

About the Game

"Ruff & Ravi Defeat the Plutonian Vampires". A new adventure and narrative collection, coming straight to your computer screen!

Ruff the dog, boyfriend to the famous Binky of the Binky series, gets to star in his own digital game, for the first* time! In it, you will guide him and his new friend Ravi the rat to save Pluto from failed comedian Dracula! Can you make it through 12 levels of easy to moderately complicated puzzles?

Meanwhile, in real life, watch Ruff the dog and Ravi the rat star in their own cinematic series of cutscenes! In them, you will watch Ruff and Ravi try to unravel the mysteries of Pluto, the rat planet, to defeat Dracula! Can they learn the mysteries of the Cookie of Power, before it's too late?

Only you could possibly figure out these puzzles and plot resolutions, by playing Ruff & Ravi Defeat the Plutonian Vampires...

* it might not be the first time I'm not sure actually.

Getting Started

Launch "Ruff and Ravi.exe" to begin playing.

The game automatically saves any changes to your settings, but level/cutscene progress is not saved. However, every level and cutscene is available from the start, from the "Scene Select" option available from the main menu. Have fun!

Linux Support

Ruff & Ravi has been completely playtested on Ubuntu using WINE!

A couple known issues are detailed here:

If you are using 64-bit Linux, and the game starts without any sound, you might be missing 32-bit libraries for your default sound device. As a common example, if your setup is PulseAudio on 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu, you can install 32-bit libraries using the apt-get utility: apt-get install libpulse0:i386

During playtesting, cutscenes have been occasionally found unresponsive. If this happens, you'll have to close the application and re-open it. However, you can go straight back to the cutscene using the "Scene Select" page.

More Information

Further instructions can be found from the in-game hints, as well as "CONTROLS.txt" in the game download. You can also read "letter.txt" for my personal discussion of the game, and "credits.txt" to see what all made the game possible! You can check your current game version and what changes have been made in "changelog.txt".

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omg omg... will have to make

omg omg... will have to make a longer comment later but this looks so good...

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thank you, I sincerely hope

thank you, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

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ten outta ten video gaming experience

wow, what a fantastic game. it's got some heartwarming storytelling and some very nikki mechanics for a tile puzzler game (sometimes it seems like those ice balls would rather be qhess pieces). I'm now inspired to make my own tiled based puzzles.

On a side note, I let the characters dance at the end while I went to brush my teeth. Dental hygiene is important to me.

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yay, thank you so much! I'm

yay, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. you wouldn't believe how much of a pain those ice balls have been to wrangle, to get a nice amount of trainwreck feeling without making the game impossible. or, maybe you would believe me cause I have complained about clickteam around u a lot in altgamez. also, if you feel inspired, there will be something else to help fulfill that soon... :)

re: the side note, does that mean you didn't get to see the full ending sequence ;o;


really liked the music and sound effects! the text typing noise was cool! enjoyed the game more than I expected, because these kind of puzzle games usually frustrate me, or at least cos they look more daunting than they are lol. but the audio and cute characters kept me in there for a while. your characters and animations are great! also enjoyed the change of visual style in the cutscenes. I only played a few levels but will come back for more.

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thank you so much, I'm glad

thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I put a lot of work into making sure the puzzles can't leave the player softlocked out of a solution. this game takes a lot of inspiration from Chip's Challenge mechanically, but I can never actually play Chip's Challenge for long b/c so many puzzles are based on punishing you for making a single mis-step...

I was so happy with the audio when I started implementing it, thank you for commenting on it so much! the cutscene vs digital game duality was one of my first ideas, it's been fun to work with. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

also I feel like I should specifically credit the character art/animations here, since I don't want to take the spotlight for others work:
- the Ravi sprite was drawn by me, and animated by Blake Andrews/everythingstaken
- the Ruff sprite was drawn by Mariken G., who originally created the character, and edited by me
- the 3d Ruff model in the cutscenes was designed by Mariken G., and rigged by fotocopiadora

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I love these mechanics, it

I love these mechanics, it feels like there's plenty more that can be done with them apart from what's shown here. I like the way moving water, ice, and fire around makes stuff interact in different ways

I also love the cutscenes, especially the way you depicted an ice cave with a photo of a tray of ice cubes. The cutscenes had a lot of charm and had a very cool DIY feel.

I also like the way you can summon seemingly limitless ice balls (?) and create total chaos. the one where I had to pot a bunch of ice balls at the top of the screen was fun, and showed the game can do purely physical challenges as well as puzzles.

love the musical feel of the text-scroll noise on every character and how it often matches the beat of the music

this game feels very ambitious and there's a lot of mechanics to it. I loved it

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I'm really glad there's so

I'm really glad there's so much you love about this game!!

I'm going to be releasing a level editor soon, so I'm excited to see what people come up with :) There's a lot of potential I haven't begun to delve into.

I had a lot of fun with the cutscenes, I'm glad they came across well! and regarding the ice balls, there is no limit on them. some of my playtesters would try filling up every level with ice!