Spiko's Scary Spooky Story

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Spiko the hedgehog has a story to tell this Halloween, will you get to hear it?

Available in HTML5 on itch!

Left click - toggle subtitles.
Right click - pause/resume audio.
Move the mouse around to pan the viewing field.
Press Escape to quit (desktop version only).

Game and voice acting by Nikki Bee.
The audio was edited in Audacity.
Fonts used: Tahoma and Segoe Print.
All other assets by Clickteam.

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Spoilers I guess?

The writing/audio in this is very good, and there was a brilliant feeling of anxiousness and helplessness that came with having no option but to peer through the closet and try to get an idea of what was on the other side while the story was being told. It was a very effective horror mechanic! Fitting for such a scary tale...

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Thank you, I'm very glad for

Thank you, I'm very glad for your comments! The monster-inside-the-closet trick was the first idea I had, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It seems to have been very successful with everybody, to create a sense of unease and confusion, that settles down by the lack of response... until the end :)

BTW, other than having a vague idea of what to get across, I ad-libbed the entire recording! I like to just practice doing improv in Spiko's voice sometimes.

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Yaaay another SPIKO game :)

Yaaay another SPIKO game :)

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by this point there are more

by this point there are more finished, non-canonical games with spiko than there are finished canonical ones...