Fancy Cakes in Space

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A little thing for Potluck Party that makes no sense at all. It's really just a doodle. Float around on a spacewalk looking at the nice cakes. Collect stars if you feel like it. If you're in a gamey mood you can collect stars for half an hour and you'll get a final score. Not sure why anyone would do that particularly but it's there.

Controls: Z key

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Big fan of the single-button

Big fan of the single-button controls. I like timing my keypresses to throw myself in directions. Realised I can chain three presses to move in an arc and get a lot of speed. Was fun

Spaced Out

Excellent, space-y feeling with this...! The combination of the strange visuals and otherworldly audio made me feel like I was exploring another world. At times, when moving in sync with the background images I couldn't tell if I was moving at all. Then suddenly a fancy cake comes into view, and I'm reoriented again. Some might think it vertigo-inducing or uncomfortable, but I like the sensation quite a bit.

My favourite thing to do so far is find a way to hit an edge, and cause myself to have a quicker spin, then fly round in a circle looking for stars to collect.

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im a huge fan of the vibe.

im a huge fan of the vibe. so lost in the sauce that i forgot about the cake