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In this game you prolong the inevitable.
My friend came up with the rough concept and also drew the "vore monster."

This was my first gms2 game and had an absolute BLAST making it, turn out unity just sucks?

The games is like a "passive game" if that makes sense, it's meant to be kept running in the background of your computer as you go about your business. MAKING SURE TO KEEP THE KING OF VORE IN LINE every so often by holding left click.

ALSO I don't know if i need to give these kinds of warnings but at the end there are some flashing lights and scary noises as a joke but if you don't like that now you know!!!

I love you

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An event


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I like the 'passive game'

I like the 'passive game' idea. Makes it seem alive.

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That monster becomes gigantic as it approaches nearer. The anticipation of when it will strike is a fun feeling. I also like seeing the zoomed-in picture of the creature, with its enormous blocked-out pixels, and seeing the hands (with their much smaller-sized pixels) overlapping it. It was a refreshing visual take.

One other thing I liked about it, completely incidental to the game itself... I enjoyed what you did with the sound at the end. I don't know how you did it. But I started clicking-and-dragging the game window over my Desktop, and whenever I held the left mouse button on the game's menu bar, it froze the sound on whatever tone was playing. By repeatedly clicking-and-dragging, I was able to come up with some strange tones and sounds that I felt would have been right at home in the game itself.

This, and your other game, JermaCall, were very fun to experience! Well done. :)

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thank you!!!!

your big nice post makes me very happy! I too like gamemaker's side effect of stretching out sounds when dragged, and the distorted crushing metal noise that results from it. more games to come maybe