7 AM in Nowhere, CA

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A ride-em-up about a small slice of a long journey. Can YOU hitch a ride with a complete stranger?

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An event


Big-And-Small Landscape

Thanks for making this for the jam, bpseudopod! Very cool to learn this was a first project in Unity for you. It felt like I was an action figure, walking round in one of the toy playsets of my youth. Your "cut-off edges" served as an ending, but encouraged me to imagine what was beyond them.

Considering this is autobiographical: did you ever make it to your event?

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I enjoy this. I particularly

I enjoy this. I particularly enjoyed the context that the Read Me provided while playing. Even if this is a fictional space, it feels like a non-destination that the author has spent a lot of time waiting at once. It's neat to see what was prioritized in its representation here. I like little sets like this.
Regarding the Read Me, I found the "What's a mistake" portion the most fun list of things to look for once playing. I read the Read Me before playing and I was excited to find all the mistakes.

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its a nice slice of a

its a nice slice of a journey and like the inclusion of one missing invisible wall

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You can also get the car to

You can also get the car to knock you outside of the invisible wall.