Sandwich Maker

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Make the sandwich with the most ingredients possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to move the plate. Press both keys simultaneously to move the ingredients towards the center of the sandwich with telekinesis.

Made for 1HGJ #238: Two Buttons

sound effects made with LabChirp

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An event


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Thinking of this as what it

Thinking of this as what it could be like to make sandwiches in the real world, is hilarious to me.
Getting out a piece of bread and trying to catch whatever falls from above.
Wanting pickles but realizing that they will cost you too much if you have to move the whole stack over.
Feeling like there are enough things on my sandwich, but not having a choice because it is yet another topping rather than a piece of bread that is coming and you already dropped two pieces of lettuce and a tomato on the floor.

The colors are well chosen.

haha i like it

i got to 82 toppings before my empire of pickles cam crumbling down, the telekenisis turned a crummy game into a fantastic game, you programmed it very well. mmmmmmmmm now i want a square burger

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its easy to "cheese" it by

its easy to "cheese" it by always holding down left and right for as long as you can