No Rats Allowed!

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Made for 1HGJ #239: Mouse Only

Click the rats (black borders) to remove them! They're not allowed to be around the mice (white borders). Don't hurt any of the mice!

Sources: all images from Pixabay, all sfx made with LabChirp

Made For: 
An event


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Score: 40

Great concept! On my first (and only) playthrough I didn't notice the borders thing, and just relied on guesswork… which was also pretty compelling. I'll have to try it looking at the borders too and see how I feel about it.

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i understand in the real

i understand in the real world you should keep mice and rats separate but i didnt have fun playing this game :(

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Too easy honestly given the

Too easy honestly given the combination of border colour and spawning sound. I reached 70 with no loss on first try before I gave up. But I do think that something could be done with the idea.

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High Score: 86

I really enjoyed the sounds. It was like Battlezone meets a National Geographic rodent special.