Gay Dino Eat a Potluck Food

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Keeshond needs a little more time in the oven so to speak, so I made this in MMF2.

Jess the Omnivorous Dinosaur is invited to a potluck! Wander around, talk to folks, and try to avoid the urge to eat everything! Just because your stomach is a black hole...

Space to interact. Works in Wine.

Window starts out tiny but can be enlarged in various aspect-ratio-breaking ways!

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This is really great! I love

This is really great! I love Nikki's jiggle. Thank you for putting in the effort to include my currently unnamed dragon. I wonder if Jess' stomach is a literal black hole…


No matter where I go to a potluck meal, there are always those random folding chairs...

And that dragon is -totally- a glutton...! :)

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I'm glad to see the giant

I'm glad to see the giant crow back for some reason. Thank you for including Obbub too! (Rot13) vf gurer n frperg raqvat orfvqr rngvat nyy gur sbbq?

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Hasbeghangryl ab. V jnf tbaan nqq nabgure raqvat jurer lbh pbhyq *or* gur cbgyhpx sbbq, rvgure sbe gur tvnag pebj be n tvnag qentba, ohg ena bhg bs gvzr naq qvqa'g jnag gb or *gbb* jrveq.

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gosh this is such a cute

gosh this is such a cute game, perfect for the potluck! I had a hearty laugh at the "ending"! thank you so much for including me in this, it makes me happy to see :)