Collaboration 2019: Mr. A & Let-Off Studios

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A collaboration project between Mr. A and let-off studios for the Tennis Ball NOT Baseball event. We had fun. :)

Click on the different doors and elements to visit our games and other stuff used for this collaboration. Our messages back and forth to one another, starting sometime in the summer, are hosted on Also, here are some specific notes about particular artifacts:

#1: BREAKOUT made with flickgame, augmented with rhetoricstu's image import mod. By let-off studios.

#2: Observation Post 0023 made with Môsi. By Mr. A.

#3: Memory Hole made with Clickteam Fusion. By let-off studios.

#4: M*rio made with Flicksy. By Mr. A. (Mild content warnings: may be somewhat anxiety-inducing for some. Also involves falling/vertigo in a low-key way.)

The launcher was also made with Clickteam Fusion, by let-off studios.


mr._a, let-off-studios
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Really wonderful

Really wonderful collaboration. I never expected parsnips could inspire a sense of existential dread… until now.

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Really enjoyed this. I

Really enjoyed this. I especially liked the music for "Memory Hole"

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oh my gosh, this is lovely

oh my gosh, this is lovely immediately from the getgo. what a wonderful launcher screen! congrats to the two of you on finishing this project. I know nikki is still working on her collab project...

I was howling with laughter at BREAKOUT, it's wonderful. Observation Post 0023 is a fascinating little adventure, it has my head whirring and intrigued in making a bitsy game of my own- how many mysteries can be squeezed into one little package?

Memory Hole is an interesting challenge in that it is wholly unfair. If you are going for a Only X achievement, and the last two cards give you a flat numeric value of the one you don't want... There's no pre-planning you could have done! I attempted going for the even challenge but my gosh, keeping track of how many you have of anything is brutal!

M*rio was wonderfully scary. I assumed it was flickgame at first, and the number of images combined with the text appearing really shook up my understanding of what was happening! A perfect experience to relate to how it progresses.

- Jessie