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Another weezer game haha, made in a couple hours. It's fun and kinda hypnotic...

GAME LENGTH: 5 seconds

i couldnt figure out how to export to mac or linux im so SORRY!!!!

Made For: 
An event


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cool and fun

i have more to say but i cant write it right now

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Wonderful toy. Where's the

Wonderful toy. Where's the other Weezer game?

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i think i'm just nuts. could

i think i'm just nuts. could have sworn i had but i was wrong

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runs fine here on linux,

runs fine here on linux, using wine! I don't really know anything about weezer, but I think this insight into them is the best understanding I could reasonably obtain in 2019. thank you. - jessie

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I don't have a ukulele, but might this be a useful tuner program?

If only guitars had only four strings...