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KittySylvie is on an adventure of presents once again....

A Windows version is also available?!

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This was a neat little game!

This was a neat little game! Finished it without getting all of the other presents, dunno if I'm missing out on a bonus or not. I found the "duck" gag pretty clever.

Question: is the number of the archnemesis's blue hearts determined by how many regular presents you picked up?

The number of blue hearts is

The number of blue hearts is fixed.

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one mississippi

wow !! i love love loved this one

although !! i couldn't beat the last boss ?? i tried a lot of times. there wasn't a pause so i went potty and i came back and it was the end credits ??

i play'ed this at my mom's house i will remember it for that

i just bought a book called 250 indie games you must play and this wasn't in it !! the book was made in 2011 but so what !!

Same Here

My comment was going to be the exact same as yours, except the part about going to the bathroom, playing at my mother's house, and seeing the end credits. None of those things happened for me. But I really did enjoy making my way there.

Nice work, sylvie! :)


Whoops, sounds like there's a bug with the final boss timer! If you minimized your browser or switched tabs before going to the bathroom, I can see how that might mess it up, but if you left the game running then I'm not sure.

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oh i did switch browser tabs

oh i did switch browser tabs to make no sound lol

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This game is great, but some

This game is great, but some of the jumps are really hard. I beat my nemesis though! Or… your nemesis, I guess?

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I love how a lot of your

I love how a lot of your recent games are split into lots of themed realms with thier own colour scheme and native enemies. Found my way past all the regular bosses and got stuck on the final boss who was super hard. but also I was packing up for bed so I didn't have a lot of chances. I also collected I think every present and heart? even the one behind you when you start