1HGJ Vol. 3

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This is a compilation of One Hour Game Jam submissions incorporating all of 1HGJ Vol. 1, all of 1HGJ Vol. 2, and the eight additional games I submitted during 2019.

I didn't manage to make as many games this year as I did last year. Somehow, in spite of this, the file size has more than doubled, which as we all know is the only reliable measure of quality there is. Enjoy!

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1HGJ Treats

Excellent collection as per usual, sergiocornaga! Even added in some of your classic pieces, which was another nice stroll down memory lane.

Speaking of which, (ROT13): Oht ercbeg! Jura cynlvat "Jvguva n Qernz," gur tnzr dhvgf gb Qrfxgbc nsgre frrvat n srj fperraf. Vf guvf ol qrfvta? V nffhzr lbh jnagrq vg gb dhvg gb lbhe ynhapure zrah.

Also, your backing track reminded me of this piece by Velvetron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd9wxeoTRYw&list=PLxsPXXyH__7QP7T7RK9rUjauuTR3OwhAT&index=6

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Ack, fixed! Thanks for

Ack, fixed! Thanks for letting me know. That Velvetron piece is a lot better than mine, so I'm flattered by the comparison.