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this is my first post i think hello
i made a short linear walking simulator thing

i do not own the laughing cow i forgot to put the bel group in the credits please dont tell them

i tried to make a linux build but i dont know if it worked

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An event


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Linux version works fine. I

Linux version works fine. I appreciate the assortment of cows (and a lamp). The structure of this game reminds me of Inward Conch Upward Spiral, a game that I talk about more often than I probably should.

On the fourth area I managed to confuse the FPS controller by looking too far down and this caused my WASD movements to get reversed.

Also I think you uploaded the Linux version twice.

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thanks for spotting that, i fixed the uploads

breaking the fps controller a bit was intentional but i didnt know it would go upside down, thats fun

do you know where i can get inward conch upward spiral?
every time i see it mentioned i wonder why i havent played it, but then the download link 404s

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thank you!

thank you!

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Playing through this game

Playing through this game really captivated and excited me, so I wanted to write a huge comment about it going into detail about how I liked it. I liked it so much that I started to take notes on what made me like it so much, but the notes file got really huge and I couldn't really make any coherent statements about the game as a whole, besides the following.

The way this game uses its assets is astonishing. Every single resource in this game is used in a way that's amazingly inventive, and I found myself continuously delighted by the endless creativity on display, to the point that I played through it over and over and over again before I even decided to write a comment, just to get at all the *stuff* in it. What's even more impressive is that, despite the strangeness of the entire game, it still feels like a unified whole. Even if the point of the game wasn't something I could fully grasp (or if it didn't have a point and I'm overthinking) the game did feel like it was driving towards a point about people and the way they think about each other.

Attached is the notes I wrote down while playing, which has a more complete list of thoughts I had on the game. (It's in the org-mode format, so change the extension if you use emacs)

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thank you for this detailed analysis, it was very interesting to read

i tend to take a kind of stream of consciousness approach, so i suppose the point of things ends up being how i feel as im making it
it is strange to think about what that makes it mean for the person playing it...

that image of the laughing cow has been my phone keyboard background for years, for no real reason
but now if i use a different phone or keyboard i put her there again because its so familiar now

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Thanks for sharing these detailed observations.

I super enjoy reading this.
I'd like to mention some of my own observations in reference to yours; there are a few things you mention that compel me to respond with my own read.

-When I first saw the bird in my periphery, I thought it was an animation of a bird flapping its wings. The way that the rotation of the sprite and on that particular axis kinda mimics the angle of flapping wings.

-The speed of the footsteps in Cow Augusta is very close to the tempo of the music. I kept matching it up briefly until it fell out of beat and then I would pause and start walking again, it doesn't last long.

I especially enjoy how you point out the dominant colors in each scene and your mood responses. It would be so interesting to have a particular fragrance for each of these scenes wouldn't it?

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There are numerous clever

There are numerous clever techniques used in this that I am inspired by.

Apart from that, each of the scenes seems very distinct from the last while maintaining similar template forms. It is neat to see that demonstrated.

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love this. i am always

love this. i am always interested in the fact that gameworlds in this dreamlike vein feel 100million times more real to walk around in than any first-person game that attempts to be "realistic" aestheticwise. maybe dreams are easier for the brain to accept.

excellent use of the laughing cow intellectual property

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This is really cool! I

This is really cool!

I really like the third zone, really like that rose edge. And also just really like stuff like putting images of a skyscraper on a skyscraper. Using representations of things as the things.

Looking forward to more games!

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Also pretty sure like 10% of Vietnamese restaurants use that laughing cow too, so no need to fear legals goon squads :)

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This rocks, looking forward

This rocks, looking forward to walking02.