Last Game of the Decade 2019 (Last GOTD 2019)

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Hidden object game.

Way more detail in this one. More to collect, more types of thing to collect, items, quests, more characters, locked doors, more variety in places... I started this all the way back in March and I think this is one of my best. I've been developing it in secret for ages. Months of work has gone into it. Even after starting it so early, it still came down to the wire. Hope you enjoy it!

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An event


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a lot of relatable content here
i am really enjoying collecting photos

i am a little worried about the economy of hint items and not being able to finish
i suppose that is thematically appropriate ahah

currently searching for a dark alleyway
i think ill come back to this another day

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I've just spent an hour

I've just spent an hour playing this. Definitely going to be playing it more. I enjoyed the last one but found it eventually got too frustrating. The items in this one mitigate that frustration. Also looking forward to getting to grips with the quests. I'll have more to say about it later but just wanted to say the initial impressions are that it's really good.

played it for a short time.

played it for a short time. i like your style of drawing over photos, the imagery was kind of trashy but nice too. it has a certain feeling to it, like a skate park or something. did you get annoyed by the text typing noise while making this game? or did you add it in last? interesting. I want to explore more of this world.