Penguinball - for let-off-studios

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Thanks so much for organizing klikmas every year, it's my favorite event in the whole wide world!!!

DODO and PENGUIN have teamed up to take over the skies.
PENGUIN has become immune to explosions, and DODO is going
to shoot him with a bazooka gun. Avoid the spikes and lazers, and
collect coins!!

Click to shoot a rocket at PENGUIN to blast him up.
Press "F" to toggle fullscreen (when on the game screen)

* Your combo meter increases the number of points you get. If you take damage it resets to zero.
* The combo meter resets to zero if you take damage or go too long without increasing it.
* Graze spikes by moving penguin close to them to gain combo points.

The names in the high score table are taken from the wikipedia page
on early flying machines:

JMM: Jean-Michel Montgolfier
JEM: Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier
BDG: Bartolomeu de Gusmao
ES: Emanuel Swedenborg
AJP: Alexis-Jean-Pierre Paucton

Dancing on Clouds by Eric Matyas:

Coin grafix:
Rotating Coin by DasBilligeAlien:

Smoke and fire animated particle by KnoblePersona:

The prompt:

All I want for Chistmas is:

Flightless Birds
old-skool graphics and sound effects (8-bit and older is what I mean)
a high score table
no "games are art" foolishness... I'd rather see messy and raw, goofy stuff in my games
little-known historical figures from the past

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Did you consider making the

Did you consider making the mines destroyable via bazooka? If so I'm curious as to why you decided to not make them destructible.

My favorite part is the Family Feud X's

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Hm, I hadn't considered

Hm, I hadn't considered that! That would have been a good thing to pay attention to, at least. I didn't do it because the spikes are there to give you something for the penguin to avoid: it's a game about moving your penguin indirectly. I hadn't thought about the explosions being part of the world at all, really. I suspect allowing that would make some of the obstacles too easy, but I guess that would allow for different types of obstacles too, especially if I re-allowed explosions to knock you back down (they always knock the penguin up, even if you explode above him).

I had forgotten they were from Family Feud, I had to have hihidanni remind me in the discord... Implacable symbols from long-gone games....

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Very cool! Pretty addicting

Very cool! Pretty addicting - I really suck at it but I still felt motivated to keep at it for a while. Best score was 1450.
I love the mixture of art styles and resolutions


Thank you so much for making this and indulging my less-than-sophisticated tastes...! It's much appreciated, Marek!!! It's a superb score-attack which reminds me of Missile Command, Bust A Move, and even Marble Madness. The controls require you to wield that bazooka with scalpel-like precision, which I appreciate, especially when juxtaposed with the wild graphics and dance music. And the little trickles of sweat that appear on the penguin when it's too close to the spikes is an excellent touch. Bonus points for being on the razor's edge...

So far, I've knocked Alexis-Jean-Pierre Paucton from the high score table, and I plan to oust at least a couple more. What an awesome connection to the rest of the goofy stuff I added to my wish list...! What a breath of fresh air this was.

Again, THANK YOU! :D