Best GTs of 2018-2019?

Please forgive me, mods, if this isn't the right place. Several boards seemed applicable -- this one the most.

Hey guys! Idk if you remember me (Marek and Sergio might), but I showed up a few years ago to play a bunch of your games for a Youtube video or two, which turned out fairly well despite my inexperience. I've been out of action for a while now thanks to life, but recently I started seeing some traction (I'm not too far off hitting my first 10k video) so I can't see any reason to stall any further aha

This place always struck me as THE place for experimental/weird/art games. Sure, I could crawl through Gamejolt and Itchio, and I probably will, but one of my favourite videos is the Glorious Trainwrecks-focused one, so I'd love to do a follow up.

I was wondering what you would consider your favourite games posted here in the past year or two? I'm going to check out a few at random myself, but it ruins the surprise if I play too much (and screenshots aren't always the best thing to judge by). I'm looking for the particularly atmospheric, deranged and/or bite-sized but effective.

Naturally you can expect positive criticism and an open mind. I prefer to showcase weird games to raise awareness of creativity rather than to mock. Might have a giggle at some glitches, tho.

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I made it, but I'd be

I made it, but I'd be interested to see a Let's Play of Sprite Walls.

Regarding games NOT made by me, I think Mouse Box is one of the most interesting for me in recent memory of the games I've played.


Two that I'd recommend (both of which happened to be part of last year's "Sekret Santa" event) are:

Rats World


One's a clever puzzle game, while the other is pure candy for the eyes, ears, and imagination.

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[excluding games already recommended]

2018 was largely defined by the BINKY franchise, consisting of the mainline entries BINKY DX Pack, BINKY IV: Return of Binky, BINKY V: Binky's UFO, BINKY VI: The Binktastic Voyage, BINKY VII: Robot Island, BINKY VIII: Binky Pool Legend, BINKY IX: BUBBO I, etc. as well as numerous "doujin" contributions, such as Binky CVIII: Binky gets 500 vases in the mail, Bucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophe, BINKY XXI: BINKY GOES INTO THE HAUNTED CASTLE TO SEARCH FOR THEIR BOYFRIEND RUFF, and Binky C.L.I.X: Binky and the Blustery Day OR Binky and the Pie.

2019 was largely defined by increasingly metatextual transport simulators, including taxi 5imulator, Avant-Garde Applesauce Simulator, Train Simulator, Train Simulator Simulator, Train Simulator Reloaded, Train Simulator The Movie, Tram Simulator, and Tram Simulator Critique Museum.

Notable games outside of these trends include:

There's also MUSCLE WORLD and pupy world, both fantastic games by GT regulars, but neither were posted to GT.

Sorry for the huge list. I do this every time…

Good Call

I would be very interested in seeing someone's take on all the train games at once.