Best GTs of 2018-2019?

Please forgive me, mods, if this isn't the right place. Several boards seemed applicable -- this one the most.

Hey guys! Idk if you remember me (Marek and Sergio might), but I showed up a few years ago to play a bunch of your games for a Youtube video or two, which turned out fairly well despite my inexperience. I've been out of action for a while now thanks to life, but recently I started seeing some traction (I'm not too far off hitting my first 10k video) so I can't see any reason to stall any further aha

This place always struck me as THE place for experimental/weird/art games. Sure, I could crawl through Gamejolt and Itchio, and I probably will, but one of my favourite videos is the Glorious Trainwrecks-focused one, so I'd love to do a follow up.

I was wondering what you would consider your favourite games posted here in the past year or two? I'm going to check out a few at random myself, but it ruins the surprise if I play too much (and screenshots aren't always the best thing to judge by). I'm looking for the particularly atmospheric, deranged and/or bite-sized but effective.

Naturally you can expect positive criticism and an open mind. I prefer to showcase weird games to raise awareness of creativity rather than to mock. Might have a giggle at some glitches, tho.

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I made it, but I'd be

I made it, but I'd be interested to see a Let's Play of Sprite Walls.

Regarding games NOT made by me, I think Mouse Box is one of the most interesting for me in recent memory of the games I've played.

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Two that I'd recommend (both of which happened to be part of last year's "Sekret Santa" event) are:

Rats World


One's a clever puzzle game, while the other is pure candy for the eyes, ears, and imagination.

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[excluding games already recommended]

2018 was largely defined by the BINKY franchise, consisting of the mainline entries BINKY DX Pack, BINKY IV: Return of Binky, BINKY V: Binky's UFO, BINKY VI: The Binktastic Voyage, BINKY VII: Robot Island, BINKY VIII: Binky Pool Legend, BINKY IX: BUBBO I, etc. as well as numerous "doujin" contributions, such as Binky CVIII: Binky gets 500 vases in the mail, Bucolic BINKY and the Clone Catastrophe, BINKY XXI: BINKY GOES INTO THE HAUNTED CASTLE TO SEARCH FOR THEIR BOYFRIEND RUFF, and Binky C.L.I.X: Binky and the Blustery Day OR Binky and the Pie.

2019 was largely defined by increasingly metatextual transport simulators, including taxi 5imulator, Avant-Garde Applesauce Simulator, Train Simulator, Train Simulator Simulator, Train Simulator Reloaded, Train Simulator The Movie, Tram Simulator, and Tram Simulator Critique Museum.

Notable games outside of these trends include:

There's also MUSCLE WORLD and pupy world, both fantastic games by GT regulars, but neither were posted to GT.

Sorry for the huge list. I do this every time…

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Good Call

I would be very interested in seeing someone's take on all the train games at once.