Water Lily Beetle Jamboree [for bpseudopod]

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Hello everyone! I made this for bpseudopod! I got swamped in my time making this and overwhelmed by all of the non-art aspects of using Unity, so this project is not the way I wanted it to be necessarily. But that can change. I was told it may be a good idea to provide updates to it as I'm able.
This was a trainwreck for me but a learning experience :)
I will update it in the coming times. just for you bpseudo


You are a water lily beetle, and it is your jamboree. Have a nice time hopping across the lilypads and look up at the night sky...


Space: Jump
WASD: Move

There is no way to respawn or restart, play in windows mode or press alt+f4 to close


+ nice and/or cool bugs (maybe im the bug? wow)
(you are the bug, there are no other bugs)
+ big environment to explore
(its bug but in scale, but not much to explore)
+ i know it sounds like i just want hollow knight so far but i don't like that game much so please don't get me hollow knight
(it is not hollow knight)
+ horsetails (the plant)
(i tried several times but my brain stopped working idk)


clara and danni for helping me figure out how to be able to exit play mode within unity linux because of an unresolved bug with unity hub linux, also general tips for the player controller

https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/nvjob-water-shader-simple-and-fast-149916 this water shader

also textures.com for giving me the 1024 x 1024 cheesy maps i crave

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OH MY GOD I LOVE IT@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!~~~!aCXZA


The way the moonlight bounces off the water and makes the petals of the lilies glow, how the silhouette of the shoreline rises in the distance like mountain peaks. It feels so strange, so ethereal, so mysterious, yet so safe.
Unfortunately, the performance demands make it hard to enjoy. I'm not running on great hardware here, and the combination of the low framerate and heavy post-processing made me feel disoriented and even slightly nauseous after spending just a couple minutes hopping around on the lily pads. (I'm not super fond of most post processing fx; the performance cost and often distracting effects often take away more than they add.)

I can't wait to see how this grows! Even if you plan on expanding on it, what you already have is magical and wonderful and I cherish it thank you so much <33333

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The scene is really lovely!

The scene is really lovely!

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Beautiful Work

I love how the water seems to move when you do, and in particular how the flowers on the lily pads were built.

Like so many other Unity projects, falling off and watching the disappearing landscape was one of my favourite things to do.