Rally Kazan '91 - for hellojed

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It's New Years Eve, 1991 and the Soviet Union has just collapsed. Many of the amateur street and rally racers have seized this opportunity to put their skills to the test like never before. Numerous gangs and factions have sprung up to compete in the cities, towns and forests throughout Russia, but rumors tell that the best racers have found their way to Kazan.

If you want to be allowed in to this not-so-underground society, you must prove your worth and your skill. Explore the city, find supplies, and scope out the area to learn which faction controls where. Then, provide them with the resources they need before offering them a race. If you can gain their respect, you can then work your way up and expand your notoriety across the city. Maybe a team will even accept you as own of their own drivers.

Listed in game. Press H to show and hide controls and game help.

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"Goblet Grotto-like"
"Tender Frog House"
Possibly Christmas Themed
Original Characters
Games where there's 2D sprites in a 3D environment are always good vibes (this is hard to do so it's not a requirement)

Intro song - chirimoya
Tender Frog House bar music - Арбай Хоор
Graffiti (taken with permission) - rohb.stationdesign & keso_rbc
Various sound effects - Epidemicsound.com
Car Physics and Race AI - FGear

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Wow, this is quite

Wow, this is quite difficult. The best I managed so far is trading about 10 (?) items for each faction but then they broke my car again. Didn't manage to do a race so far, anyone got any tips and tricks for me?
I love the terrain very much. Reminds me somehow of that one graphics card tech demo where you drove a truck around really muddy terrain and you could get stuck and wedged. I'm not sure why I'm reminded of this, but it's a lot of fun driving over all the little bumps and indentations. I very much like that the ice is slippery as well.

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Thanks for playing! I played

Thanks for playing! I played the game so much while developing I think I underestimated how good I'd gotten at it and set the difficulty too high. Someone else told me that the races are way too hard, when for me they feel almost too easy. Oops.

If you'd like to give it another go, try downloading the newest build. Last night I added 2 new "crowd control" mechanics. Now, dropping an item onto an enemy will stun them for 10 seconds (and destroy the item). And also, if an enemy is pretty close to one of your rear doors, opening that door will shove them back a ways so you can push mobs of enemies off you in desperate situations.

Other than that I would suggest trying to only pull 1 or 2 enemies at a time so you can more easily manage them without taking too much damage.

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Managed to complete it now!

Managed to complete it now! :) (Also found the guitar person which was a really lovely moment)

Here are some more hot tips from me:
- You can use the right mouse button to turn the camera (I missed this at first), use this to slowly back into the enemies with the rear door down.
- Some of the food items can be tricky to find, so take a look around. There are more items available than you need
- Items on your truck bed can't go past each other once it's too full. So try sorting them in between deliveries by opening the side doors and putting items you don't want to deliver towards the front of the car
- Once an enemy has given you all their items they will move to a different spot and no longer aggro
- The Dragon faction seem a bit more aggressive and their race is also the most difficult
- You can pick up the presents from the Christmas tree and I think they also count towards getting a faction on your side once delivered
- Also there is an easy way to cheat in the races but I won't spoil this secret ;)

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This is so cool! It's come a

This is so cool! It's come a long way since the last build I played. The truck bed mechanic definitely works now that you have the bed doors. It's definitely pretty hard. I've made two attempts so far and was able to get a dozen trades or so on the second run. That said, I love all the details in the level and the way all the mechanics work together.