Sexy Egress Backpacked X-ray - for Stranger

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A Sekret Santa Krampus Klikmas present for Stranger!

Use mouse, play until the credits roll.
(If mouse scroll is too uncomfortable for you, you can also use L, but this is not recommended)

See ingame, but special thanks to krisekrise and jucaxcutie. And thanks to everyone from this year's klikmas event!

For Klikmas this year I would like a game involving a highly detailed interactive backpack. That's all I want, but I'll add some of my thoughts below.

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Really cool aesthetic. The

Really cool aesthetic. The main menu got me pumped and I really liked the backpack model. Music was great too. Thanks!

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i also liked the music!! the

i also liked the music!! the controls were neat and the pacing was fantastic

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Holy crap! This was so

Holy crap! This was so good!
The music was implemented perfectly and the jank and tone and style and the character selection and everything was just NNNNNRGGGGGH
It was so good!