Card Games vs Literary Characters at the End of the World (for TheCakeFlavor)

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A single player trading card game experience. You are a talented card player participating in the Great Tournament during the literal end times. The other participants in the tournament are a bit odd.

-Duel and defeat eight literary characters in the card game
-Collect 94 cards and customize your 20 card deck
-Gripping story about the end of the world
-Eavesdrop on conversations among ideologues in the cafe
-Press C at any time to cough!
Created for TheCakeFlavor, who asked for "cards, snowball, celebration, public domain characters, HDMI cable, cough ability, ideology."

I hope you were serious about cards, because the whole game is cards. I absolutely adored the TCG that fotocopiadora made for me last year ( and figured I would just make that game. I fell in love with this project and had a lot of free time the past month, so there's an almost embarrassing amount of content in it. Hopefully the game isn't too difficult!

-Beat opponents in the cafe to earn extra booster packs if you're stuck
-Cough (starter deck), Honey Harvest (booster 1), and The Black Gate (booster 3) are very, very good draw cards that I would nerf if it weren't for the fact that the game depends on them.

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this is cool. i want to play

this is cool. i want to play more of it. nice world you have created. I didn't really learn how to play the card games but I appreciated reading the text and listening to the sounds, and looking at the drawings.

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Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words! Funny thing about your comment - some rando actually hacked and reuploaded the game so that you could win automatically with a key press. So if you're more interested in the world and text and drawings and not the card game itself, I would actually recommend checking that out:

haha, that's pretty cool.

haha, that's pretty cool. The game has an interesting atmosphere. reminded me of paper's please in some ways. I like how the focus is on the cheery card games yet there's also a bigger picture as described in the text.

0-Cost Deck

Still working on developing a victorious deck with nothing but 0-cost cards in it... Day 6 has me stumped at the moment.

A -tremendous- achievement within the short development time. I was very impressed while it was in development, but now seeing the full thing (and the elusive "Booster Pack X") has me excited to see it again. Well done...! :D

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"Surprise Party" nerf

Thank you! And thanks again for your in-depth feedback during the jam.

I think between the last time you playtested it and the final version, I made "Surprise Party" a cost 1 instead of a cost 0 card after I realized that a free unconditional point was waaaaay too busted. That's probably a heavy blow to the cost-0 archetype. I am so sorry!

I think Dracula will probably be the toughest opponent (maybe even more so than the final boss) for a 0-cost deck, as he has a lot of cards with low attack but DOUBLE and OMNI. As we discussed before, "Whiptail Demon" epitomizes this as being an otherwise mediocre card but a very hard counter to your sort of deck. Best of luck!

Mmmmmaybe a 1-Cost Deck Is In Order

Yep, I noticed...! But in game terms I think you made the right decision.

Maybe I'll up the ante to a completely 1-Cost deck, with the exception of the Draw cards. I have a feeling I'll fare better against that guy.