Warioware: D.I.Y.

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Friend Codes!

Crash: 4855 8876 3896
dessgeega: 3782 1525 6755
ExciteMike: 0775 6682 4015
jonbro: 4426 4212 8417
Kitoari: 1291 0624 8938
mojofltr: 4039 8320 6092
RaveofRavendale: 3309 7485 3598
snapman: 0088 4880 2877
SpindleyQ: 1763 5139 9796
TheCube: 0646 8187 2615

Warioware: D.I.Y., which came out today, is something I'm sure a lot of you are aware of, but I just wanted to state that, yes, it is as awesome as it seems.

Brief summary for those of you not aware: Wario Ware DIY allows you to make your own microgames using a simple, but relatively powerful editor. You can share them online with friends and whatnot. It also features a Mario-paint style graphic and music editor, and you can also make 4 panel comics and little songs that stand on their own, not attached to any games. Honestly, it's sort of the successor to Mario Paint in that respect. And you can sing into the microphone and it will convert them to notes!

Although I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with it yet (stoopid work), it seems to have the potential to create a massive amount of micro-trainwrecks in a relatively short time. I have not had the opportunity to go online yet, but I suggest that this post could become a friend code repository for anyone who does have the game. Yay!

Anybody else have this yet? Any thoughts? Games?

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I'm currently in the middle

I think that friend codes are different if you change either the cartridge the DS you are playing on? I'm currently in the middle of a length-5 chain of someone borrowing a DS, so the lender borrows from someone else, so that lender borrows from someone else, and so on. So I'm waiting until I get mine back, but then I'll share my microgames and put my friend code here!

Thoughts on DIY so far: There are few enough triggers and actions that it might be better to think of it as Mario Paint DS than Klik 'n' Play DS, but that is still pretty kickass.

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I was planning on ordering

I was planning on ordering the US version from Play-Asia (or somewhere else, if someone suggests a better deal). However I'm concerned something like region-locking will emerge. I don't want it to be incompatible with WarioWare DIY Showcase, which I will inevitably buy.

Anyone know what the current state of the game is? Can you play levels from the Japanese version in some way?

Should I wait for a local copy (release dates aren't even announced for New Zealand and Australia) or just go for it?

P.S. Sing into the microphone and it will convert them to notes = awesome. I was actually thinking of looking of a computer program that does this as whistling is the only way I can compose anything that sounds half-decent.

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Well, I've done it. Let's

Well, I've done it. Let's hope I don't run into any problems.

I just got it yesterday

1291 0624 8938 is my friend code. I've been enjoying it a lot, actually.

Friend Code

I added you to my friends list, but I'm not sure where I find my own friend code. :)

I haven't managed to make anything decent yet... only a crazy song loop and three or four of the games they make you do in the tutorials. Is there a way to use the d-pad and buttons in a game or only the touch screen?

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When you go to friends

When you go to friends settings, it's on the TOP screen.
I had to get out the manual to find it.

Friend Code

Well, what do you know?... I would have never found that! :)

4039 8320 6092

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Yay my DS is back!

0775 6682 4015 !

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I'm in! haven't made much

I'm in!

haven't made much yet but it should be fun on way to Cleveland (so nice to have a GF who likes driving ;-)

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Managed to get online and

Managed to get online and upload a couple of games based on my job and my wife's job, whee!

Friend code: 0646 8187 2615

Anybody mind if I put a list of friend codes with names into the top post? Help to keep it organized etc.

I'll get around to adding

I'll get around to adding all of you when I can! Can't wait to see your games.

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WarioWare get!

Name: SpindleyQ
Code: 1763 5139 9796

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I updated the main post with

I updated the main post with all the friend codes posted so far, whoo.

I'm having more fun with the song maker than the game maker so far. 5 songs now, yay! I'm really very impressed.

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Man, I am enjoying the heck

Man, I am enjoying the heck out of this thing. I'm just sad that I can only share 2 games at a time.

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Agreed, that's probably my

Agreed, that's probably my only problem with it. Although I have enjoyed both of the games you have up currently.

I think I'm just going to become a multimedia genius and have two games, songs, and comics up ALL THE TIME. Yeah. Makes me feel better about myself.

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MIKE i really like invade


i really like invade and danger pogo

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Thanks! Heart So Good is my

Thanks! Heart So Good is my favorite DIY game so far, but everything I've got from you guys is great!


The first day I played it, I was discouraged by some of the limitations and didn't expect to be spending much time with it. I'd probably have lost interest in it if we didn't have a small following here on GT.

Now I'm finding the challenge enjoyable and look forward to seeing the cool things you guys upload each day. Actually, I don't think I've spent this much time with my DS since I was addicted to Animal Crossing and would come home from work each day to have fishing contests and play hide 'n' seek with people on my friends list. xD

I enjoyed TheCube's games,

I enjoyed TheCube's games, comics, and music. I especially liked the second comic (ice cream) and the progressive tune.

I had to escape the cleaning lady today, so I took the DS to McDonalds, got a couple of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and got to work what I think has some potential to be an entertaining mini-game (we'll see). I just need to touch up the events and do some graphics. .

It's like learning knp all over again. I'm struggling to get used to only having one flag per object, there's no proper way to count (I've been using another animation), and only touchscreen input!

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys had a good idea for how I might randomize an object's animation. Oh... and how do you unlock the option to make comics? Is there more tutorial somewhere?


I did the comic tutorial... and made a comic to share. Yay!


I figured out a (roundabout) way to randomize my object's animation. I'd still love to hear (or see) peoples' examples for this sort of thing.

I got my first game prototype up. I still plan to go back and add some animations.

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Thanks! Your comic with the

Thanks! Your comic with the elephant made me laugh, though I am not sure why.

As far as randomization, I have been using the first few "clicks" of time, as in the trigger is "The time is 1-1" AND "Random time between 1-1 and 1-2", which gives a 50% chance. It's kinda wonky, but it works.

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dear the cube, i would love

dear the cube, i would love you to add me to your friends list so i can download your wonderful games

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Did it work, BTW? I didn't

Did it work, BTW? I didn't notice this post until just now, but I've been downloading your games, so I assume you are able to as well.

Hombre Blast is thoroughly enjoyable, but man. I suck. High score: 8

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so yeah, i've gotten the

so yeah, i've gotten the opportunity to make a few games while daphaknee's been lying comatose in my bed (she caught the sick). i havn't fiddled with distribution yet. do i need the wii part to put things online? and then i just post my friends code? gimme the poop on dis

I don't have a Wii, so I'm

I don't have a Wii, so I'm not sure how that part will work.

On the DS, you go to Distribution Center>WFC>Warehouse(Connect)>Your Crates and add the games, comics, and music you want to share (you can share 2 of each at a time). You have to be (or leave your DS) online for the people on your friends list to be able to download your stuff. TheCube has been online all day - maybe he has a Wii to tell you how to set distribution up there.

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okay, i can't connect my ds

okay, i can't connect my ds to my wireless internet, but i can connect to my neighbor's unsecured wireless internet. oh nintendo

FRIEND CODE: 3782 1525 6755

i've added you all and i'll be online for a while probably. eat my games

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As far as I can tell, and

As far as I can tell, and don't quote me on this, it seems that you have to be mutual friends to be able to download other people's games. Once you've added somebody and signed on afterward, they have to add you as well, and then sign on after that at least once. This confirms that you're mutual friends, and both people can download each others games whenever you want, not just when the other person is online.

However, I may be wrong. It does seem like you have to sign online at least once after somebody adds you for them to be able to download your games, though, but if it's not the mutual friends thing I can't figure out why else.

But in any case, I've only been online sporadically, so I know that the games are stored somewhere at least. Oh, and I do not have the Wii thing, don't plan on getting it either.

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This seems to be more or

This seems to be more or less accurate. I've now been able to play dessgeega's and Mojofltr's games. They're HARD! And, like, already way more advanced than my piddly Yellow Jogger-themed game. I'm going to have to step it up a notch!

Yeah, that makes more sense.

Yeah, that makes more sense. I really thought TheCube was leaving his DS on all day. :P

WIth a different set of limitations, it makes you think of how to work through various problems... Ooh, I just thought of a solution for the problem I was having! :D

oh, maybe not. I forgot the event limit. I'm short like 2.


Spike Castle and HeartSoGood are awesome! Wow! :)

I didn't understand how to play Spike Castle at first... I wondered why the keys weren't appearing where I could get to them. Then I took a look at your event codes and realized I could. Lovely stuff. Wow!

I love the roaming trick. I'm going to use that a lot now, probably.

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i feel like locking out

i feel like locking out other people from looking at your work is against the spirit of the thing. HINT HINT

i was really excited when i learned that you could use combinations of TRAVEL actions to make jumps (from one of the included mario games, i think). the possibilities are pretty exciting.


I should have probably looked at a couple of the included games before I started building my own. I am certain I am doing many things in a roundabout way.

I am always a little hesitant to let people see my events for fear of embarrassment! Just to give an example - I used 3 extra objects in the skate game just to randomize the obstacles! The way an obstacle is chosen is just stupid... it kinda feels like I built a toaster using 3 lawnmower engines! :P

Anyway, I keep adding and changing things. I'll unlock it and re-share when I feel that the game is complete.

(I am henpecking this from Opera on my DS, so if there are errors, I jump randomly from topic to topic, or I respond in the wrong thread... blame Nintendo! I am afraid of using the ″preview comment″ function... this browser is kinda flakey and I might lose everything I typed in the last 2 minutes!)

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dirty nasty sloppy hacks are

dirty nasty sloppy hacks are the whole point of this business! FEEL NO SHAME

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Actually, I would love to

Actually, I would love to see this, as I am still having some trouble figuring out randomization that's not really bad, as in barely nonfunctional and not really all that random. I should probably break into a few of the included games, actually. But yeah.


Here's the gist: I have an object (with two others attached) bouncing around the playfield. Each time it hits a wall, one of the flags is turned on. When my obstacle is to wrap on the screen, it checks which of the flags is on and changes its animation cell... something like that (that may or may not be right... it's something like that. I can't remember exactly right now.). I'll post up the unlocked game tonight.

Now that I've played more with the software, I think I'm getting a better grasp on how to do things. I might go back and see if I can't do this a better way. I would imagine that the way it is, when played on a Wii, the player will be able to see the object bouncing about - it would probably look glitchy!

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the solution that the

the solution that the warioware team seems to use most frequently (and the one i use most frequently) is to have a trigger check for both a specific time and a random time. for example, "when the time is exactly 1-1 and the time is a random time from 1-1 to 1-2" will be triggered about half the time. exactly 1-1 and randomly from 1-1 to 1-3 will be triggered a third of the time, etc.

that only works when the event you want actually happens at 1-1, of course.

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Yeah, that is what I have

Yeah, that is what I have been using mostly. The problem I keep running into is needing, say, 3 different events to happen 1/3 of the time, but exclusively, IE in Wash Alarm, a burglary, fire, OR false. As it stands, you get more fires than burglaries, and more of those than false because the other switches take priority. So...I'm gonna have to think about this one.

Actually, I'm retarded. I just remembered something in the Dojo, they used an invisible object that would appear in a random part of the screen and turn its switch on depending on whether it was in the right or left side. You could do the same with TWO objects and THREE areas, and just attach Object 2 to Object 1 (Object 1 being the one that spawns randomly), and set the switches based on that. Okay. That is so much easier. Nevermind.

I really enjoyed Hombre

@dessgeega: I really enjoyed Hombre Blast (or whatever it's called - it's late and I should be in bed!). :D

@TheCube... that's very similar to what I'm doing - the switches turn on/off throughout the game. I realized earlier that I could cut back on active objects (from 3 to 2). If I'm not mistaken, you could get 4 possibilities from 2 objects - both switches off, both switches on, object1 switch on (object2 switch off), and object2 switch on (object2 switch off).

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how i handled randomness is

how i handled randomness is hombre blast, incidentally - which needs to shuffle three different objects into three random positions - was by having one object randomly switch places with at least one (but possibly both) of the other two. that makes sure all three objects are in specific but random positions.

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After I get this game, we

After I get this game, we need to do a game jam and sharing session for this.

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I wish my import copy would

I wish my import copy would get here faster.

Tutorials & Things

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXIYdT6WnFE Beg #1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3IKsZ8M0Vs Beg #2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB9YL7cc_F8 Int #1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m6sM89fz18 Int #2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7R2mJwBp-U Adv #1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqARv8s9HgI Adv #2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXcN-rEov7w Adv #3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KliQRwd5QTM Adv #4


http://blog.b-ark.ca/savsender <-- SavSender to extract your savefile (You'll need a flash cartridge)
http://starcom.dev-fr.org/p3620/2007-08-07-savreceiver-0-1b.html <-- SavReceiver to receive savefile via wifi on your PC
http://www.ds-scene.net/?s=viewtopic&nid=7618 <--MadeinOreTool to extract/import games from savefile
http://scupizzaboy.blogspot.com/ <-- Crygortool to change some data elements in game


Miotool generates a screenshot of each game as it is selected! I extracted my Jump'N'Skate game... 64KB. Then I opened the file in Crygortool... and got options to change the way the cartridge looks and some edit boxes to change written details about the game. There are 3 options for Length: short, long, and boss.

As far as I can tell, "boss mode" makes the game play a little bit longer than "long mode". The bomb/timer at the bottom of the screen doesn't show up. If you lose the game, it will end the game after the current music phrase finishes rather than waiting for the timer to count down.

I downloaded a savefile with "72 wiiware games, a lot of musics and songs for you who want to make microgames, and other things". Some of the games are pretty cool - nice graphics and stuff. Others, I'm not really sure what's going on because of the language barrier. There are a bunch based on old NES games... these are my favorite.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the links to this stuff here for anyone interested. It would be fairly easy (if a bit tedious) to create a nice archive online of all of our games (with screenshots).

miotool.gif14.01 KB
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Thumb Pain

Ugh, this is reminding me how very little I use the touchscreen and stylus on my DS. My thumb feels like it's going to fall off.
I never thought I'd encounter a game creation system that felt more limiting thank KnP, but this is it. I thought I'd be able to manage with one alterable variable per object, but limiting my total number of events per object to 5!? (╯‵□′)╯︵ ┻━┻

Now I'll never be able to port my KnP scrolling engine over...

(off to reconfigure wireless router to work with my DS)

Okay, my Friend Code is:
0088 4880 2877

I've already entered everybody's digits and gone online. Looking forward to playing your games!

one way to work around the

one way to work around the one flag limit is to attach objects to each other and have them work together to perform the task.

It does feel very limited, but there are a lot of cool options that ease the limitation a bit. For instance, it's nice that you can create collisions with an area of the playfield, without creating a new object.

Last night, I realized that I hold my DS in a really odd way to get around the cramping... at least in my left hand. My right (writing) hand still cramps up from holding the stylus. :P

I added your code this morning. ;)


Yah, my hands REALLY ARE that freaky!

freaky hands.gif8.44 KB
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are you sure?

I think you might have entered it wrong? I just double-checked both my code posted here, and your code against what my DS says, and I'm still getting the "have mojofltr connect via Nintendo WFC" message. :(


I just logged in and I see you have 2 games waiting for me. :)

snapman's picture

working now!

Oh wow that forgger game. So curious about the lilly pads/logs, and how you managed walking on them while moving!
Heck, the whole grid-movement thing has me stunned. I've got a couple theories, but it's still super impressive.

dessgeega's picture



i'd expect you of all people to RISE TO THE CHALLENGE. there are so many crafty ways to work around the apparent limitations of warioware's scripting system. have objects swap positions with other objects. attach objects to other objects. it encourages planning and creativity.

snapman's picture

whine whine whine

It's more a combination of unprecedentedly cramped scripting, combined with unprecedentedly cramped hands. I thought my tiny fragile hands would be fine with the tiny DS stylus, but the amount of time I spend making games is more unrestricted than the amount of time I spend playing games. Looks like I have to go invest in a plastic pen of some sort.

This game is also why I haven't gotten to sleep before 3am for the whole week. D:

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I've been using a regular

I've been using a regular pencil. More comfortable to hold and doesn't actually write on the screen or anything.

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poopy quality, fuckwin games

poopy quality, fuckwin games B)

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So! I uploaded a game about

So! I uploaded a game about defusing bombs (imnotrippingoffdessiswear), and then realized later it's kinda sucky. Sweet! So if you downloaded it, look out for v2 later today if you care. It's paced better.

Uh, anyway, I was thinking of organizing a DIY Jamtacular, probably on the second Saturday in May, which is the 8th, since hopefully everyone who wants to will have a copy by then and be relatively practiced. Does anybody have any objections to that? Same time as the KotM, 4-6 PDT.

Also, how would I go about getting that on the calendar?

Spindley: I love that Not Die has absolutely no win conditions, BTW.

And ExciteMike's jump to the moon game (I forget the name and don't have my DS on me) is fantastic, it makes me smile every time it comes up, and also every time I bash his head into the ceiling.

SpindleyQ's picture

My only regret about Don't

My only regret about Don't Die is that it also doesn't have any interactivity. I should have made it so you could tap the clouds or something.

dessgeega's picture

i made a response to don't

i made a response to don't die, currently in my wariowarehouse.

by the way mike i really love your tennis game.

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My friend code is 4855 8876

My friend code is 4855 8876 3896, I've only uploaded a short song so far, but I'm working on a game :)

Crash's picture

I finished a game! I kinda

I finished a game!

I kinda want colours available for making graphics, or at least a better pallette.

jonbro's picture

finished my first game this

finished my first game this morning!

my code is 4426 4212 8417

dessgeega's picture

glorioustrainwrecks.com is

snapman's picture


This makes me want to have an ActionPoint 2010 "Best Warioware" Category. That is some nice text scrolling!

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Awesome. I got my copy of


I got my copy of WarioWare DIY a few days ago. I really have to set up my router with WEP so I can get all your fantastic games! It seems like there's no way to get them all quickly, though?

sergiocornaga's picture

After 2 hours of messing

After 2 hours of messing around, I have discovered that my router is incompatible with Nintendo DS wifi. This is the only solution and unsurprisingly I am unwilling to implement it.

Can anyone tell me if I can achieve the same things in a roundabout way using the DIY Showcase channel on Wii? Not that it's even out yet in New Zealand... :(

TheCube's picture

Awesome! I came back from

Awesome! I came back from vacation to find this first on GameSetWatch, in case anybody else missed it:



RaveofRavendale's picture

I got it tooooo now

Just came out in the UK, so I grabbed a copy. My code is 3309 7485 3598

RaveofRavendale's picture

VVVVVV minigame

If anyone is still checking this, I made a WarioWare homage to VVVVVV, it's in my crate so feel free to add my friend code and download it.

PurpleChair's picture


I got this also.

My friend code is 1419 9828 4079

PurpleChair's picture

Also, I hate how Nintendo

Also, I hate how Nintendo decided to impose a 10-character limit on all their naming things. I have to call myself stupid stuff like PrpleChair.

Zecks's picture

I finally got this too, but

I finally got this too, but unfortunately I don't have wifi :(
But if anyone wants to trade stuff with showcase add 0391-1832-1895-0123

Zecks's picture

still up for this

anyone with showcase on the wii should add me
the reason i didn't bother getting wifis is that i got this thing pretty much for free, and me and my bro can go on forever just creating dumb shit for eachother (this is most prominent with 3dmm).

PurpleChair's picture


I won a theme contest!

And the theme was 'games based on the automatic name generator', which was a pretty fun theme!

Zecks's picture

yes that one owned

yes that one owned

mzo's picture

my friend cccccode

0819 1276 1583 is my digits bros. I added y'all

Just realized all the posts above are from 2010...hope you guys still play?

sergiocornaga's picture

I also want WarioWare DIY

I also want WarioWare DIY stuff-sharing to be revived! I only recently got a router that works with the arcane WiFi requirements of my DS, so I missed out the first time around as well. I'll look up my friend code soon.

I think we need to be online simultaneously to exchange stuff, maybe we should set up an event?

mzo's picture

I've gathered from reading

I've gathered from reading all the posts that we don't have to be online at the same time but that it requires a back and forth approval of friend process that is definitely quicker if both of you are online. On that note add me and I'll approve you right now :)

ExciteMike's picture

I filled the thing up so

I filled the thing up so that now I have to delete something if I ever want to make/get a new game. For whatever reason that really killed my enjoyment of it. :/

added you though!

mzo's picture

You should play it via a

You should play it via a pirate cartridge like the AceKard 2 where you are using SD cards, that way you could back up the save files and swap em around and such ;)

mzo's picture

Your two games are great. It

Your two games are great. It took me a while to get the hang of the jumping one!

I know I'm way beyond late

I know I'm way beyond late on this, but my Wii's code is

1291 9799 9861 7569

Smedis2's picture