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To kick things off, here's the origin of the GIF I made to promote this event: my first ever level! Right after the release of VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition, I wanted to put out a level to promote it. I was immediately struck by the power of "direct mode", which allows manual placement of basically every tile in the game. As far as I could tell, nobody had released a level utilising it to the extent I had, so I decided to hold back so I could surprise everyone with something even more impressive. I started on a follow-up, Viridian's Venture, a painstakingly methodical adaptation of places in The Pilgrim's Progress despite me having virtually no enthusiasm for the original work. In retrospect it's extremely obvious why I never completed this, but I'll see what I can salvage from it to post for this event.

Oh, and the GIF above shows off the entire level, but just in case you still feel like downloading:

To install VVVVVV levels, extract the .zip file into the VVVVVV level folder, then run VVVVVV (or Make and Play Edition). The folder should be in one of these places depending on your OS:
OSX: …/Library/Application Support/VVVVVV/levels/
Linux: …/.local/share/VVVVVV/levels/

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missed pun opportunity

I thought "take the level in a new direction" was a cheeky hint that you were supposed to go left at the start, or maybe turn around at the spike wall, or do some other trickery, to get to new content. I was kind of disappointed when it turned out there really weren't any secrets.
This level looks beautiful! I didn't know that vvvvvv levels could even look like this, although that's probably just because I didn't know a custom level scene existed until yesterday.

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That's a really good idea!

That's a really good idea! I have no plans to revisit this level, but I certainly wouldn't mind if anyone else wanted to add to it.