warrior of sunlight

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a card game about mysterious visions...

in the sunlit loneliness of the small town, strange gateways open in dreams, like phosphenes of meaning.

cw: general spookiness, mentions of worms

made for marek kapolka as part of sekret santa 2019! ho ho ho

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agh! I ran out of printer

agh! I ran out of printer ink. I'm working on playing this as soon as I can. I haven't read far in, because of the spoiler warning, but I'm so excited to see that it's in the form of a card game, and it looks like it has some CCG inspired elements. Just last night I was thinking of an idea for a weird narrative CCG game, like yu-gi-oh meets the tarot, which seems very serendipitous, so definitely looking forward to playing this ASAP!

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WOW! I finally played it.

WOW! I finally played it. fotocopiadora, you are a master of games. The atmosphere is incredible. The writing is excellent. The design of the pieces is so clean and professional looking. I was really delighted to see you made this, because muscle world really blew me away (although I can't say I got very far), and this feels like it follows some of the same themes, at least in terms of atmosphere.

The mechanic is really wonderfully effective- it reminded me of being in a lucid dream and trying desperately to stay asleep when you know you're going to wake up. The mechanics are simple enough that they're not annoying in a tabletop, but they give a lot of texture and character. I like that the game is mostly pretty narrative, with these little paths that lead off the main road, but they're dangerous and you have to have just the right things in place in order to make it work.

The candle mechanic is great- I love the idea of sifting through possibilities, guided only by a little glimmer of numerology. I wound up writing down the effects of the different numbered night cards the second time around, but it did feel like cheating. The tower had cool writing, but I never had a problem with not having enough vision, so it never seemed like a thing I needed to do. Maybe if you get it early it'd be helpful. I thought it would have been interesting to have the tower be a mechanic where you can sacrifice vision for time- like you skip a day card, but it takes some kind of metaphysical toll on you. Or maybe you were supposed to spend vision when you draw night cards and I didn't read the rules right.

Some of the ideas I think would be fascinating to see play out if there were, like, 10 times as many night cards. Drawing symbols to permanently unlock paths, spending more and more time in the night world, an expanded numerology of night cards (odds are good, evens are bad, multiples of three teach you symbols, idk) and some terrible fate if you accumulate too many vision tokens.

I won once legitimately, but then I cheated a bit to read the rest of the tower section. I regretted it a bit but after two playthroughs I didn't want to just zoom through the cards without reading them. That's always a challenge with text-based games, I find: anything that repeats you don't end up reading more than once or twice.

Anyhoo, I can't thank you enough. This is a wonderful game, and exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. To see so much of your personal style come through in this medium is especially a treat. Merrrrrry Klikmas and a happy new YEARGH!!!!

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im so glad you liked it!!! i

im so glad you liked it!!! i agree with many of your observations... i feel like part of its shortcomings come from me being unable to write much more without feeling like i was repeating myself or diluting the effect of things. somewhat coincidentally i played through sunless sea over the holidays and was extra wary of it... anyway i think it came out pretty good, all things considered! i like the idea of a longer version but there's always the risk of reducing transcendental ideas to just "lore" if you know what i mean...