Don Orlo's Magazine - Issue #1


This is Issue 1 of Don Orlo's Magazine.

Arrows - move
Z - Uze
Shift - run (optional)

Music via the song generator at

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Nice magazine, I

Nice magazine, I particularly enjoyed the puzzle section.
Also, this uncannily reminds me of Darek's "Mappingskript" which was just a collection of in-game RM2K tutorials each made by a different person and like each tutorial was a different house in this village and you could go into each house and visit the tutorial makers and when entering a house it would ask something like "Would you like to play the Switches & Variables tutorial by DankLord93? yes/no". Anyway, I think there was also a three shells and a pea minigame.

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The power of html5 RPG

The power of html5 RPG maker...! Unfortunately did not run in firefox but did run in Vivaldi... hmmm. Will there be more issues?

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It's so imaginative and it

It's so imaginative and it feels like there are a lot of work-arounds that are then followed through.

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sublime masterpiece

5 stars

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baby puppy

fulfilled my dream of being a skateboarding seaurchin

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toss out your old new yorkers!

what can i say? i'm a subscriber to the don orlo magazine. i get what i got and i want nothing more.... a heartwarming tale even the hungriest newshounds will walk away from satisfied. an extremely good game. now get outta my office!!