Pineapple's Area


Platformeing game with 3 levels. Hard

Made For: 
An event


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This is really cool, but I

This is really cool, but I can't tell how the game dictates which way you face after collecting a pineapple

It switches the

It switches the gravitational axis but not the direction!

However it's Game Maker so the y axis is inverted (down is positive, opposite of mathematical convention).

The result - I think - is that up and left swap, and down and right swap. I wonder if something like 90 degree rotation would be easier to work with.

Just beat it!

Tried it earlier today and basically said "nope" on the third screen. Tried a second time just now, this time muting the game's audio (sorry) and playing the album 90125 by Yes instead - this made the experience a lot less frustrating. I finally cleared the third screen halfway through "Changes", so it's about 15-20 minutes long I guess? Keep in mind I basically retired from VVVVVV about a year ago, though.

(The blazing, triumphant "Cinema" is playing as I write this...)

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i got stuck on level 3... it

i got stuck on level 3... it might be easier is one set of direction keys dictated the direction regardless of orientation?
OH I also love how the negative space of the webpage fits into the game... it's neat

(AAh there's a cuss word in my tabs sorry, my friend recommends weird fan fics >_< sorryy)

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