^*(4+2) || dimensionaldisturbances



you are [blue-ish] and you lived in a skin-colored? house and your da is moving out for 'awhile' and your mom has been pretty angry lately and

you help with cleaning up?

hey your dad is calling you

he is in the attic on the wall
your mom is in the basement


you just get pulled by gravity these days and it's broken

press V to poke where its broken

it goes between 6 ways always in the same order

- down gravity (normal)
- up gravity (not normal)
- right gravity (not normal)
- left gravity (not normal)
- no gravity (fun)
- 'gravity error' stops velocity but doesnt stop you from spinning? (????)

if you tap v the right number of times fast enough you can still get around but its hard maybe harder than the first parts of vvvvvv

you fall down the stairs a lot but it is ok because you are probably a plastic shell around a supercooled gas anyway

oh also you have to press enter or click to make the talking go through time

ok so to recap the buttons are V and RETURN


don't go outside if it happens you have to restart
carry the messages upstairs and downstairs
when they are done talking you can quit i guess

it's ok to laugh


guvf vf fbeg bs na vairegrq IIIIII: gur yriry qrfvta qbrfa'g punatr hc & gur 'pbagrag' vf cevznevyl aneengvir; gur aneengvir vf inthryl nobhg lbh orvat cbjreyrff juvyr crbcyr ner frcnengvat; gbttyrq-l-zbgvba zbirzrag cnggrea vf nccyvrq gb k-nkvf gbb, tvivat lbh sne yrff pbageby; lbh pna svqqyr jvgu tenivgl ng nal gvzr, abg whfg juvyr ba n fhesnpr; gurer'f ab jnl gb qvr naq ab jnl gb fnir; lbh'er abg pbzcyrgryl pbagnvarq ol gur yriry naq gur ibvqfcnpr bhgfvqr vf sberire; gurer'f ab nznmvat fbhaqgenpx; zhzoyr oyngure cbagvsvpngr cbagvsvpngr rgp


Made For: 
An event


That secret code...

I had a fun time deciphering it this morning. Highlight below to read...
this is sort of an inverted VVVVVV: the level design doesn't change up & the 'content' is primarily narrative; the narrative is vaguely about you being powerless while people are separating; toggled-y-motion movement pattern is applied to x-axis too, giving you far less control; you can fiddle with gravity at any time, not just while on a surface; there's no way to die and no way to save; you're not completely contained by the level and the voidspace outside is forever; there's no amazing soundtrack; mumble blather pontificate pontificate etc