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Viridian and the gang got stuck in some other dimension-type thing again! With spikes and whatnot. Ha ha ha how does this keep happening?

6x7 semi-open ended level somewhat influenced by Souleye's carefree style of levelmaking (though this uses direct mode). Difficulty curve is jank at the beginning since it's imported from an unfinished level I made like two years ago. Overall it's not something I'd recommend for beginners, though it's probably - probably - nothing Golden Spiral-level.

This is actually the first VVVVVV level I've made public, aside from a three-screen joke level a looooooong time ago that parodied how edgy and juvenile most VVVVVV joke levels are.

Please point out any bugs or awkward points in the level because there are probably like five that I missed, thanks!

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