GGJ 2020: Space Harriet vs. The Cosmo-Zombies

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After a few false starts, I came up with a game for the Global Game Jam 2020. In Space Harriet vs. The Cosmo-Zombies, the player flies around shooting zombies that emerge from a hole in Space-Time, and on occasion an Astro-Vampire. Description from the GGJ site:

The space-time continuum is under attack! As the ace pilot, Space Harriet, maintain order in the universe and repair the Rainbow TimeStream (TM) as quickly as possible. Rumour has it that not only Cosmo-Zombies are on the loose, but rebellious Astro Vampires are as well! Stay sharp! Stay vigilant! Go for a top score...!

LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS = Rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise
SHIFT KEY = Fire weapon. Hold to engage auto-fire.

GAMEPAD CONTROLS (Press CTRL+Y to open control menu, click the box under "1" and next to "Joystick 1", then click OK.)
LEFT/RIGHT = Rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise
GAMEPAD BUTTON 1 = Fire weapon. Hold to engage auto-fire.

I will update the game eventually with a proper title screen, some graphical tweaks and options, and a few more user-friendly things. Meanwhile the game is completely playable and I love watching the Astro-Vampire's face. Enjoy! :)

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I also love watching the

I also love watching the Astro-Vampire's face!

Potential spoilers follow:
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How Very Perceptive...

Naq gur Nfgeb Inzcver vf arire erirnyrq hagvy n pregnva ahzore bs fcnpr mbzovrf ner qrfgeblrq...

"Fbzrgvzrf gur bayl jnl gb jva vf gb abg cynl." V'yy whfg yrnir vg ng gung.