For Alraune: Skatefarmer

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A game featuring a requiem, a skateboard, a seed, a sunrise, a spirit, and a pomegranate. The spirits will provide instructions in-game.

Give it some time to start. The OGG Vorbis decoder is really slow for some reason.

Hope you enjoy, Alraune!

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It's fantastic. It's really engaging to play and try to perfect the high score, and it's got the perfect amount of difficulty increase with controls when you're not crashing. I love the Castlevania music, the skateboardedness of it, the pomegranates, everything about it is great, and the skater dragon is very cute. I managed to get a high score of 470 so far.. It's kind of hard to put this game down though, I'm going to keep trying to get better scores on it. This was a great sekret santa gift, thank you.

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Hell yeah!

This is so good! All of the different mechanics synthesize together really well. It looks, sounds, and feels great.
My best score is 230.