Let-Off's Leap Year Flash Drive

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ONE DAY, 24 HOURS, ONLY! 18 FEBRUARY 2020 It's the let-off leap year flash drive!!!

18th February happens to be my birthday. 2020 also happens to be a leap year. $0 is typically what it costs to download and play my games. So I figure once every four years is good for an experiment like this.

For 24 hours, I will raise the minimum price of all my games posted on itch.io to $2. I’m inviting you and humbly requesting that you buy just one thing from me, once every four years.

Your generosity can gain you some other stuff, too. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Contribute $2 and you get a game I’ve posted on itch.io.
  • Contribute $10 and you get a game plus I spend 2 hours to make a game inspired by your requests (I’ll contact you via email).
  • Contribute $20 and you get a game, plus I will send a pair of custom-designed wooden coasters inspired by your requests, made with my Glowforge (continental USA addresses only).
  • Contribute $50 and you get a game, plus I will send you a custom-designed, hand-made, single-deck card game inspired by your requests (shipped to continental USA addresses only).

Games available here:

Examples of card games I can make for you are here:

Examples of Glowforge stuff are here:


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The Flash Drive is Live

​Hello everyone--

I promise you I will only bother you about this sort of thing once every four years... The let-off Leap Year Flash Drive is happening right now!

All my games can be purchased with a minimum contribution of $2.00. Perks for contributions of $10, $20, and even $50 are available. If you drop some money in the bucket I will contact you afterward for any additional goodies I can pass along your way: custom games, custom laser-cut goodies, and even your own custom card game!

Grab my games here:

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to (and do other stuff I want to, as well). Enjoy your day, folks!

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The 2020 Flash Drive is Done!

Thanks to those of you who contributed to my inaugural Flash Drive...! As a result of the drive, I will be making one custom game, and I will be making one set of wooden laser-cut goodies.

This was a pretty interesting experiment! The Flash Drive will return in 2024, so stay tuned. :)