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Insinnerator (1989, Macintosh 2)

Avg score 2.5/5 stars


After losing his dopey office job to radioactive layoffs, JOE EVERYMAN is steaming mad! Just as he's about to fling himself from the heights of Wall Street, a SCHIZO ANGEL appears before him, granting him unlimited power, on one condition -- he must use his holy wrath on the snarky co-workers and douchebag bosses that ruined his life! His SERPENT-OF-EDEN RIGHT HAND has infinite blasting capabilities, while his FRESCO STRAIGHT EDGE has deadly potential at close range! Can you guide Joe through the 100 floors of his former office skyscraper, turning a PAYDAY into a DAY OF RECKONING and confronting the BIG MAN at the top? Or will you submit to the machine, grinding out quarterly reports until the day you die?

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(Posted 5 years ago, 1/5 stars)

game wholeheartedly sucks my dick, the colors are all over the place and i cant see anything. even though they went on to make the masterpieces Midnight Men 3 and 4, the early Threepiece Software games really aren't up to snuff.


(Posted 2 months 14 days ago, 4/5 stars)

Sometimes you really forget how many gems were made back in the heyday of personal computing. "Insinnerator" is one great example, and i definately would reccomend it to those on here that like classic gaming. -1 star for some bullshit mechanics, one example is the money blenders on floor 41, which are impossible to dodge. also, stuff like the boss on floor 100 turning out to be God is very cliche, but i guess that kind of writing was commonplace in the industry at the time so i give it a pass.

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