Ghost Game


After playing Nishikigatsuo's Ghost Mayoker I decided that I wanted to make my own ghost shooting game.
Music and sound effects were ripped from Ghost Mayoker and Downwell.
There's only three buttons, left right and jump. Controller compatible!

Hello GT!!!

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Oh no the thumbnail isn't attaching to the post.

Edit I got the thumbnail to work! Also thank you very much for the feedback everythingstaken, was your browser zoomed out enough?

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Try naming the image something different? You should just be able to upload it if it is a png? Anyhow, this was a fun and short game. For some reason the web version, the UI around the edges gets cut off (I played the web version)? I still think I could figure this out otherwise. I also really like how when you get hit, it's kinda good because you get that large spread of bullets. It is a bit unclear how the bullets work, like when am I able to shoot them? It was fun anyways to mess around with it. It feels like a casual/web game/arcade version of Bayonetta for some reason, which is a fruitful idea! I think this mechanic would be cool in a larger sort of game, like a short platformer with levels.

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Jumping (and movement in

Jumping (and movement in general) felt way, way better than I was expecting! Wow. I couldn't work out entirely what was going on, but that could be due to unfamiliarity with the genre. Time to check out Ghost Mayoker!