Find the Worm

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Find The Worm

a game by Nikki Bee

will you find the worm?
how many rounds can you last?
instructions inside

made for the Spring Break jam on itchio

text - Unifont
graphics - Clickteam
audio - Half-Life 1 computer voice, and a glitched Speak & Spell sample pack

Made For: 
An event


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Pretty much a classic game. GREAT movement. Great goal. Good game. Reminds me of the old Noby Noby Boy website, idk if anyone went to it, it was amazing.

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thank you!! I don't know

thank you!! I don't know anything about Noby Noby Boy, he always kinda weirded me out so I avoide him. - nikki

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wo worm

wo wo wo wo wo wo worm

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