Game That Takes Longer To Download Than To Play (gttltdttp)

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Game That Takes Longer To Download Than To Play

by Corvin Marie of the Spiral System, 2020

press up or W to move once the race has commenced.

if you are wearing headphones you might want to turn the volume down. there are no jump scares or mean shit like that, but the ending audio gets loud.

graphics are by Clickteam
voice is from F-Zero GX
car sounds are from the Macmillan sample library
audio was produced in Audacity
font used is Tahoma

ps. if your internet connection is really good the title might be in a lie in which case give me your money so I can afford a better ISP

Made For: 
An event


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14 seconds to download, not

14 seconds to download, not bad considering some of the gigantic remix stem files I download now and then (which take like 10 minutes)

The ending made me giggle... like, the kind of everlasting giggle that makes me instinctively hunch over and cover my mouth. Does the ending just loop forever or do the "AAAALLLLLRIIIIIIGHT" voice clips stop at some point?

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14 seconds to download, ooh

14 seconds to download, ooh that's cutting it close!! maybe we should have made it even shorter lol.

the ending audio lasts either 2 or 3 minutes, I forget how long exactly. but it is definitely pre-rendered, it doesn't loop exactly, cause it keeps distorting the audio more over time

- nikki

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Funny concept!

Funny concept!

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thank you, I hope the

thank you, I hope the execution of the concept was worth it! - nikki