Farewell 2 DX

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A remake of the outstanding game "Farewell 2 Mind controll"
play as farewell in the this graphical step up from the previous version as you go though many exiting levels and fight 2 in-depth bosses that will try your skill.

i hope you like all the 2 references :)

Made For: 
An event


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I like the resolution looks good.

Didn't understand how to shoot.

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The Alt Key Shoots


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last boss was scary. i was scared.

This game is out of this world. The controls are smooth as butter, the music was sweet as jam, and the enemies were all very interesting to engage with, and were used very effectively in the level design. I really like the knife wielding fellas in the Cafe area.

I imagine this games design was inspired by the Kubus games, but I feel you've managed encapsulate your very own style here, in regards to the visual style and the way the enemies behave.

Definitely a Fav.

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Aww thanks mate!

im happy you played it to the end! and i had alot of fun making it. and yes the knife dudes in the cafe are also my favourite.