you will be amazed by these mazes

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A game where you explore mazes. Made in april 2019.

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Made it to the black n' white checkerboard maze, and my brain poured out of my eyeballs and I had to surrender. I feel like I'm such a softie here... Beyond that, it was really compulsive and clever! The smiley face mellowed me out and encouraged me to keep going.

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What a great and simple idea! I got stuck at the same part let-off did. I was curious as to what the further optical illusions would bring, but that checkerboard one was too tedious restarting each time. I really loved the diagonal line one. There was a point where I could relax my vision and I could see the path in this very 3 Dimensional way. I wish there were more levels like this! Maybe I'll try and get a pencil and paper and solve that checkerboard one later.



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Modder's guide

Pro tip: The files in the gfx/ directory can be modified and it'll show up in the game. player.png is your sprite, title.png is the splash screen and (most importantly) tiles.png is the tileset. The tileset is made up of four rows of three 40x40 tiles. From left to right, these are the background tile, the obstacle tile, and the goal tile.

Especially on the difficult last level, just looking at the tiles can prove illuminating. I was unable to figure out the pattern of where was and wasn't safe until I took a look. Even that wasn't enough due to how difficult it was, so I modified it to make the edges of the obstacle tile more clear. Warning: doing this might dampen your sense of accomplishment from having conquered the game on its own terms. Attached is the modified tiles.png, which you can drop into the gfx/ directory to get the effect. Hopefully some of you will get some use from it.

I'm not certain of the extents of this game's hackability. For one, I haven't tried changing the resolution of any of the image files*, and depending on how the engine works we might be able to patch the binary to change the layouts of existing levels, or even add new ones!

* i'm too scared :(

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You can change the resolution of player.png and title.png, the game will just scale them to the sizes they're supposed to be, but changing the resolution of tiles.png will mess the graphics up. And yes, the maps are stored in the executable, the compiler put them somewhere, I don't know where.

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Actually very well designed and fun to play.

I got to the pixel level, the diagonal level was very fun.