Auto Musuem 64

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For a long time I wanted to make a museum of N64 cars, after figuring out how to rip models from an emulator. Well during a particularly bad stretch of job hunting and with me kind of burnt out over my long term project I decided to take a few weeks off and do anything else. And this is the result! A virtual car museum specific to the Nintendo 64

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I love this very much. I

I love this very much. I particularly like that you also have an area that shows the process of ripping the models. After my visit to the exhibition hall I started living in the woods for a bit, looking back at the monolithic building with much contempt until I fell off of the world... one of the best museum experiences I've ever had!

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Thanks for adding a Mac version! This was very cool. I especially liked the section about the process. This sort of reminds me in a way of those parts of Thirty Flights of Loving where it shows you how the game was made inside of the game, kinda like the equivalent of DVD commentary. This reminds me of auto shows and other conventions I've been to. I used to got to the one at the Javits Center with a friend who is a photographer. This also oddly reminds me of, very uncannily, like this science fiction convention I went to in DC. I explored a bit early one morning and no one was there in this merchandise section with a Ghost Busters car. I also like specifically the selection of some of these cars. It is strange to see the ones based off of real cars and ones that are more surreal like the Lego one. I had a huge hit of nostalgia seeing the Pac-Man car from Ridge Racer, as that was the car I played in that game.

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Body of Work

I wonder if these developers and artists ever had a chance to stand back and see their efforts as part of the bigger whole of entertainment at the time. I think you did an excellent job of creating a "time capsule" of modeling technology and pixel art of the day. This is an admirable project. Nicely done...!

(And yeah, wandering round in the forest, then looking back to see the museum compound, is a nice treat!)

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lizard nightmare

my favorite car is the little noodle truck. the convertibles with their drivers are cool too. I spent a while checking for license plates