Cereal Number

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My first game i have ever made!
ooh yeah finally at it again, do you ever think. Yes i am at your own risk. Hello i am your coworker, look at this great delicious cereal, it must be better. Void void loop blim, drink my milk my child. Yes consume the milk, cereal here ballin, looks like a milk drink it youll love it. Just check it out i am drinking it it's great.

Please don't take this seriously, i have never developed or created any games and i have partly made this as a joke. I wanted to learn how to learn games and make one in one day and this happened, This game contains no code at all.

Great minute experience, criticism and parody of postmodernism in media which makes it postpostmodernism.

Music - Bull Of Heaven - 210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws

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So, you're stuck in this room with a guy talking about cereal. There is a big hole leading to the outside, but you still can't leave through it. It's like the player character refuses to leave the room, like he's afraid of the outside. Why would he leave to the dangerous outside world, when he can just safely drink cereal?

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