Séance III - Favor of the Lich King

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While browsing through old forums i stumbled upon this thread in the old Séance Forums:

I remember never summoning Sepia :D

Here is the game screenshot in full resolution:

I wonder what happened to Séance X?

-Some of the cards are original Microsoft Solitaire Cards, i kept the palette of that system
- The cardbacks are also from Solitaire. I took them from this rip by Superjustinbros
- profile names and profile pictures in the forum thread (also the idea to use a forum) by pferd-am-herd, thank you!
- original forum repurposed:https://forums.beamdog.com/categories/bgii%3Aee-discussion
- forum background picture: here

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An event
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I so much wish this was real!

I so much wish this was real!

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one day, when the stars

one day, when the stars align it will be a thing, until then i will produce more fake screenshots to earn the sweet money of german filmförderung xD

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Brilliant take on this

Brilliant take on this event, krisekrise! :)

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aww, thanks! it was a realy

aww, thanks! it was a realy nice thing to do and i had a lot of fun!

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this is incredible! I've

this is incredible! I've been wanting to work with fictional forums and similar for a while, so this is really inspirational. I love your techniques in developing character with it! - nikki

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thank you!! normaly i

thank you!! normaly i struggle with writing, but in this form it was a lot of fun, i can recommend trying it out ✨