Star Legend Again?

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A remake of my other game made in 2018. this a much improved version and there is no reason for it to be played now

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An event



it's really fun to play and the shoot effects are a really nice touch. also nice that you added hp. overall a great improvment over the original

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Thank you, thank you!!!! :)

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cant beat it :(

Any tips for the boss? I've tried bashing my head against it but I've made no progress.

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Video for ya!

There is no easy way to describe the most efficient way to beat the boss so i made a video for you! :)

Oh and if you missed the controls at the start WASD is move and arrows shoot. Unless you are using a Xbox one controller, in that case Left stick moves and right stick shoots!

Have fun! and Be Electric!

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i did it!

Awesome, thanks. I managed to beat the game so I'm gonna write a more substantial comment

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Score: 2360

My partner saw me playing this game at about the halfway point and she asked, "What is it about?" and I honestly didn't know what to tell her. I know what it's about now, the first screen literally tells you point blank, but how do you explain that a game's about having fun?

I chose to play the game, where possible, like a bullet hell: bobbing and weaving through tight patterns of bullets, struggling to squeeze through any crack I can for just an inch of progress. It's not quite like a bullet hell. In bullet hell games, the shot patterns of enemies take on their own life, becoming more important than the things that shoot them, where the enemies in this game release them in chaotic, eccentric waves, the spaces between driven by randomization more than meticulous design. The enemies in this game also take a lot of punishment, so it takes a solid second or two of concentrated fire to actually put one down. Some areas are too hectic to really do this, and in those cases instead of throwing myself at them regardless I'd end up camping in a hallway, holding one of the arrow keys and listening for the enemies' death sounds so I could know when it was safe to advance.

The whole game's built to evoke that kind of frantic chaos. Your player-character wiggles back and forth excitedly, backgrounds scroll and undulate and clash wildly with the foreground, the enemies shoot vague symbols rather than bullets. Not to say it's inscrutable: as an expression of the game logic, the projectiles and the enemies that spew them are all legible enough to make the game playable without overwhelming friction, and I never felt confused by the space itself. It's nice! A lot of the time, games will use harshly contrasting visuals to make you feel scared or panicked, or sometimes just to annoy you, but this game seems more interested in playing with shape and color and juxtaposition than making you feel anything besides joy. There's a trail between your player-character and every single projectile you fire, and if you want you can often take a breather and spend some time moving back and forth while firing, playing with the shapes the trails make.

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Awesome Awesome!

Hahahaha, i find it funny that your partner saw you playing it and was curious to what it was about, i suppose i forget that Real people play my games. Anyway while my game's main purpose is supposed to be fun, it does actually have a story that extends into the second and third game (Star legend again is a remake of the first one) and some of the other games i have published on other sites, now of course i dont expect anyone to know the story behind any of my games because its usually always told in small sentences (i really should make a game that goes more into detail about it).I'll give a brief synopsis of the story "The star army has detected a mass brainwashing of the people of bad city, they go down to purge the affected and after star 77's duty is fulfilled he decides that he would prefer to stay in bad city and continue to protect it from wrongdoers" .

Its funny that you mention bullet hells as Star legend 3 actually has more visible patterns in the way bullets are fired, and the cancelled star legend 4 would have been a boss rush with more predictable bullet patterns, but of course it never got finished. There was even another one that i was working on called Star legend forever that WAS a bullet hell in the usual style that you'd expect.

The room where there is a bunch of policemen and the only way to pass is to squeeze through the bullets, I Should'nt have been put in as i personally dont like it, the only reason i put it in was because there was a level similar to it in the original. And yeah the scary faces have too much health, and the bullets that they shoot are hard to distinguish with all the coloured lines they make. Mabye ill make a Star legend Again? AGAIN!? haha maybe.

as for enemies turning back and fourth, i dont know where that idea came from to be honest, but it became a defining part of the star legend series and it wouldn't feel the same without it.

The backgrounds Ahahahaha, when working on this they got a bit out of hand so i had to tone them down abit Especially the place where the jumpy fellows that shoot あ symbol, you literally couldn't see them against the background.

And i actually like that the game feels like its frantic and chaotic, while this wasnt my intention i feel like encapsulates the sort of mindset i am in when making games, as for the colour choice i just did what i thought looked fun to me yknow, and yes sometimes to irritate. The trail that follows the bullets was almost taken out because i thought that it would confuse players into thinking that if an enemy hits the line it will take damage, while the only way to deal damage is by hitting the enemies with the ball that the lines follow, Anyway im glad that you liked this inclusion.

Anyway Im glad that you actually had some fun while playing my game! i always have fun making them because i dont usually make games to be fun or good i just make them for fun, so im glad that you could enjoy it!
As always Be electric! :)