Getting the best shot

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A visual novel where you play as an aspiring professional snake photographer and practice on the snakes in your area. First find the hidden snake and then photograph it before it gets away!

**I have only uploaded the windows version so far. I will upload Mac tomorrow.

Chrissy aka capt_hastings aka cmonster
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The music is wonderful and totally snake-y. The combination of make-believe, photographs, live video, unabashed play, and real life is novel and instantly captivating.

The player tests their integrity in a virtual, make-believe environment. It's a brilliant take on games. Well done...!

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Thanks for playing!!! I'm super happy you liked it. I tried to see what I could get tyranobuilder to do and make visual novels more gamey and it was a fun challenge. Plus I really want to take pics of snakes and there are none around lol.