Land Speculation (for Personman)


(game tested under WINE- works fine there)
a new gaming sensation- made for Personman in the secret santa spring gamer jam
pilot your land ship fast and smoothly throughout the terrain. upgrade your ship's speed, or downgrade it if you please. many other small decisions to be made on your journey. what options should you enable? what area will you go to? what blocks will you collect? what will you build in warp>home? what color will you paint your ship? how will you avoid the giant worm digging right towards you? make all of these decisions and more, in Land Speculation, a game that contains no guns
if you need instructions on how to get through the game, check out the enclosed instruction book (readme.txt)
i stole the sound effects from online and various video game, so check out audio_sources.txt to see where i took them
titlescreen music and everything else made by me

ho ho ho!

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very interesting i like the

very interesting

i like the critters that i see that i have no idea how to interact with

i like the warps in the pipe zone

the UI for the warp options is very cute

i made some faces out of blocks


After playing and exploring for a while, it suddenly reminded me of Operation: Inner Space, an old game I used to play on my old Windows 95 machine back in the day. You were a tiny ship, exploring your computer, hunting down viruses and malware. The game actually scanned the contents of your hard drive to create the regions you would explore.

Your game has the charm and the tiny ships of Inner Space, with the addition of building and curious AI behaviours (the interaction between the battleaxes and the spinning gears can frequently put you in a tight spot...!). Customizing your own ship is a nice touch too, and "rainbow mode" is mesmerizing. Integrating both pattern construction and the variety of blocks into the customization mechanics here is a fine touch, and made me feel clever once I realized how it all worked.

Nice work. This game world seems enormous. :)

aaahhhh!! it's so good

aaahhhh!! it's so good :D

before i talk about the game itself i have to register my intense relief that the game runs in WINE — I totally failed to specify that I don't have access to a Windows machine during quarantine! So, thanks!!

anyway this is totally unlike what i had in mind when writing my description, in the best way. it took a while to figure out the upgrade system, but it's very elegant. the contrast between the relatively calm, passive collection phase and the sudden onset of huge terrifying enemies is great. the sound choices are satisfying, the item descriptions are hilarious and evocative. thanks for such a good game!!

i made it to rock depth 14 so far, and have made the attached home base. i haven't gotten too far in pipe yet, and don't totally understand how my choice of warp affects things. i need to spend the rest of the day finishing up my own entry, but i'm looking forward to exploring further!

(the screenshot is tiny because, for whatever reason, that is how it displays in WINE. I'm assuming that's not the intended size, the text is very small, but it doesn't seem to be possible to enlarge it. probably just a quirk of OSX+WINE though, and i can play just fine by zooming in, so no worries)

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This is cool! Something

This is cool! Something about it reminds me of both mid 2000's GM games and 90's DOS games. I really enjoy the variety and creativity with the hazards. I've been wanting to make a nonviolent 2D space sim since forever and this is giving me ideas for how to pull that off (thanks!).

8 rock depth, 6 pipe depth, got a few accel/deccel upgrades, made my ship red.


I'm very glad you enjoyed the game Personman. the sound choices might have been the hardest part. i spent a while browsing for the crispiest, crunchiest sound effects, and even then i had to do some post-processing in audacity to maximize crispiness (mostly cutting out several seconds of silence that were included in the file). also edit: you can alt+enter to fullscreen. the game window is absolutely tiny. fullscreen is the recommended way of play
and the enemy varieties and interactions that other users mentioned- I'm very happy with how those turned out, since my process of adding enemies was "quick, what's a funny way an enemy could behave?" i was laughing maniacally while adding the spinning gear enemy. oh and some of the enemy concepts were inspired by enemies from other games. the worm and the axe are both from terraria and the black square enemies with arrows on them (the ones that behave like multidirectional thwomps) are stolen from purple (purple is one of my 3 all time favorite video games please check it out it is one of my biggest inspirations)
i havent heard of operation: inner space but i searched it up and it looks really cool. the ship factory feature reminds me of a game concept idea ive had for quite awhile, as in, having an external editor for game elements that feels like a debug tool.
making this game was a blast and I am very happy that it turned out well!

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