Plaster Master (for Hubol)

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[EDIT: game stages will progress now. Thanks for your patience and persistence, hubol!]
This is PLASTER MASTER, A Game made by let-off-studios for the Springtime Santa 2020 event for Hubol. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Guide Bug Eye the frog who starts a journey to complete some minor repairs, and ends up fixing much more (and making some new friends along the way).

Game is now updated to version 1.2 . This should be visible on the title screen and the included readme file.

  • You can use the keyboard or a standard gamepad/joystick with this game. A mouse is not required.
  • ARROW KEYS move the frog. Walk LEFT or RIGHT. Climb ladders with UP or DOWN. To drop from a ladder while standing on it, press SHIFT.
  • You can sling plaster over your head with CTRL. You can hold five shots at a time. Walk to a Blue Barrel to refill your personal plaster bucket.
  • To jump, press SHIFT. Hold the SHIFT KEY down longer to jump higher. To charge-up your Jump, press and hold DOWN. When you begin to flash, press and hold SHIFT to jump very high. If you continue to hold down, consider yourself in POWER JUMP MODE, because you can execute POWER JUMPs over and over again.
  • To turn a valve, press UP.
  • To exit a game in progress, press and hold the ESC KEY.

More instructions and details are in the game.

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So far, super amazing !!! I

So far, super amazing !!! I love the art and voice acting and the title screen is a trip!!!!! I love the visuals!!!! That crouch/duck pose is great. I seem to have gotten stuck at the end of the first stage? I'm guessing too much orange gick spilled on the same frame that I won? I will retry!!! Super love it so far!!!!

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Hm I retried. I am pressing

Hm I retried. I am pressing the shift key but it doesnt seem to advance! I would try with a gamepad, but I dont have one!

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Fixed It!

Game stages should progress now. My apologies for this goof-up, hubol. Enjoy!
(and if you find any more, don't hesitate to share the news... Although I think I fixed them all. :) )

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Super great! I just finished

Super great! I just finished it this morning! Thank you so much for making it (-: The visuals are so good and I loved the dialog

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I love the animation and

I love the animation and narration! Slabbing plaster feels super satisfying.

I'm struggling with the boss - it doesn't seem to like it when I plaster its eyes, but I'm having a hard time dodging the rocks and am not sure if there's anything else I'm missing. Any tips?

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Plaster In The Eyes

If it seems like plaster in the eyes irritates the boss, then keep doing it. That's what I'd recommend.

ROT13 for a super-hint.
V qvqa'g jnag gb pyhggre hc gur fperra jvgu n uvgf-gb-xvyy pbhagre sbe gur fdhvq rlrf, fb lbh pna'g frr ubj zhpu qnzntr gurl'ir gnxra. Ohg vs lbh uvg gur rlronyy svir gvzrf, vg fubhyq tb qbja - naq lbh'yy xabj vg.

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Ah, okay, I think if the

Ah, okay, I think if the plaster landed too high up on the eye, it wouldn't register as a hit, so it confused me. Got it now!

Great work, as always!

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Higher Targets

Thank you for the compliments....! :)

As of right now, there's only one target in the game that's higher than standing level. I was wondering if that was a bit too demanding of the player, so I limited their appearance. I do have some ideas that weren't implemented yet but I may develop an "XL" version at a later date and see if I can squeeze a little more out of this world before I consider it done. Targets placed in challenging areas will be part of that, for sure.

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Aaaah okay. For some reason,

Aaaah okay. For some reason, I assumed that I wouldn't be able to hit the eyes if I didn't jump, so I jumped every time, which meant I'd often overshoot the actual hit box despite it looking as though I plastered the eyeball.

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There's a special sound effect that plays when you hit the eye in the right spot, and a temporary animation. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

Hmm. This makes me wonder if I shouldn't adjust the end boss just a little bit to make things more understandable... Though this does mean the player will need to time their hits correctly so they can hit the eyeball in the middle of a jump. I dunno...

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Oh, when I do get feedback

Oh, when I do get feedback (the sound and animation), it's *very* clear, so that's not the problem. It's just that the hit wouldn't always register unless I hit the exact sweet spot. It seems as though the hit box for the eye is smaller than the eye itself.

To reiterate, I would get plaster on the eye more than five times, and the animation would correctly play five (but not all) of those times before the eye is "defeated." The hit seemed to register when I hit the eye on the lower half rather than the upper half.

EDIT: woops I created a new comment instead of replying, awkward
EDIT 2: now that I reread the comment, I think you understood what I was saying, nevermind, you got it

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Now version 1.1 . This should be visible on the title screen and is mentioned in the readme.

  • Added a minor graphical tweak to slapping plaster.
  • Increased the size of the hit box for the final boss.
  • Added on-screen hints to assist with the final boss fight.

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wow, that was so cool! it took a minute to get into the groove of it, but it was totally worth it.

i do really like the misleading locations, where you jump high to get somewhere but there's nothing to do. red herrings!

yeah, animation was so good. love the voice acting too!

only downside is that i love tentacled creatures (cuttlefish is my fav) and i was sad to hurt them, but i guess it was for a good cause.
also was hoping to date the owl instead lol

bug eye is so cute i wanna marry him

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Disappointing Locations

Heheheh... Well, I'll comment on them only since you pointed them out.

So I have pick-ups waiting in the wings, so to speak (you can actually see one in the screen shot I included). They're currently invisible and inert. A lot of those locations you mention have the pickups waiting at them. Hoping to hear back from hubol about potential uses for them. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for what the player can unlock after collecting X number of special thingamajigs, then I'd be happy to hear it. Anything's on the table: different artwork, custom stages, some kind of "endless mode," minigames, a date sim (hahaha! sorry but that's a long shot. A frog and an owl, really?!?!!), whatever. I'll consider anything.

I like the idea of events providing some kind of inspiration. The pickups just weren't implemented in time for the close of this event. But the potential is there... :)

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that's so interesting. it made me think about everything in games "should" have an intention. i think that it's possible to have things that don't exist for any reason other than just to exist. i guess in this case, it would be a trap of sorts because the time is limited.

i didn't know frogs and owls don't get along. that makes me sad. i thought they would be cute together. or maybe they're just my favourite characters :OP

i'm not good at suggestions but the way you did things in this game makes me think that you would probably be good at making comics, too.

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Yeah, owls eat frogs. It's a mad, mad world. :)

It's funny you should mention comics. I've been reading them a lot more recently, and it's completely reasonable to consider that they've rubbed off on me in some way. I must admit I stole the narration style of the story from the old "Paddington Bear" cartoon, where one individual provided the narration as well as the voices of any characters in a given episode.

Also, I think using Aseprite for the majority of the scenery made a big difference in the visual look of the game. Characters and the character portraits were still made in Clickteam Fusion, but the workflow and the general ease of use for Aseprite on larger pieces was a big help for me in terms of finding enough assets to create a detailed world without shortcuts that left me dissatisfied.