Hoppin' Tom (for mkapolk)

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Within the game, you can read TheStory

Arrow keys & Space bar

Event Created For: 
Made For: 
An event


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Fell In Love With This

Really enjoyed the fun vibe and snippets of dialogue that add some real charm to this. The music is wonderful, and the sounds and movement while singing (and the audience reactions!) are a nice treat. One of these days I'll crack that Roulette Forest stage...

Nice work, hubol! :)

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Thanks (-:

Thanks (-:

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AMAZING!!! The sounds are


The sounds are incredible- the music is so fun and I loved the singing section. The animations are simple but incredibly effective and expressive. Such a fun take on the Tom Bombadil idea. I was worried about having too vague a request list so I'm glad something wonderful came out of it.

What engine is this?

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So, so glad you enjoyed it

So, so glad you enjoyed it (-: I was anxious about the list at first but it really gave me a lot of freedom

This is mostly a custom engine I have been building for other projects. But it is using PixiJS to render.

You can see the source code here: https://github.com/hubol/hoppin-tom !!!

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Aha! I love typescript :D

Aha! I love typescript :D When I saw PixiJS in the source I assumed it wasn't one of the big engines since as far as I know they're all emscripten. Cool to see, it's nice to check out how someone else lays out projects.

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I love typescript a lot,

I love typescript a lot, very little overhead with really great advantages (-: I also like seeing how other ppl set up projects!

no idea what emscripten is....

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I love that you can shrink

I love that you can shrink and grow at the end! So neat.

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thanks, that is one of my

thanks, that is one of my favorite parts

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The singing bit was my

The singing bit was my favorite! I chortled. Good stuff.

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i want to be friends with hoppin tom. i hope hoppin tom comes to my birthday