VVORLAAK (for patrickgh3)

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a little world to explore
built using woof.js
following the wishlist of patrickgh3
for spring sekret santa 2020

- wishlist -

tiny and confined areas

- controls -

arrows - movement
z - interact/confirm
x - run/cancel

special thanks to my friend skye for their help with the music
and to my partner alice for ideas, support, and love

Wendy Wildshape
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Thank you for the gift! :D I

Thank you for the gift! :D I dig the setting, the characters, and the minute details and patterns. These caves in the middle of nowhere feel comfy and made with love, and ominous at the same time! Beautiful animals.

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I like the world you're

I like the world you're building so far!

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love the dithering omg. neverything about it is cool? is the sheepies the last room or am i just missing something lol