Forbidden Pleasure's of Atlantis (for gisbrecht)

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gisbrecht asked for:
- Mystery of Atlantis
- Non violent player
- Megaliths

Discover the forbidden pleasure's of the lost city of Atlantis....

Right Click = Zoom
4 = Shrink/grow
WASD = Move
Left Click = interact

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Gift Shoppe

So I was wondering... If I buy one of those keychains, will I need to keep it underwater? I'm concerned that it might dry out, become brittle, and fall apart on me. Should I just find a friend who has a submarine and buy them a souvenir keychain?

(Fantastic little details in this - like the keychains for sale - make this a special treat!)

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This is a really cool space!

This is a really cool space! I had a whale of a time.